Caramoan Trip: Parana Tours Review

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Travel

Last April 28, my college friends and I had our vacation in Caramoan Islands.

We hired Parana tours as our travel coordinator. This was our first time to hire them so at first, like any people would feel, we were really hesitant to pay the downpayment. Of course, nowadays, you can no longer trust anyone so we have to make sure that they are legitimate and that we won’t be scam.

The checking.

Rson Parana, the owner of the Parana tours, sent us the soft copy of their business permit, DTI permit, certificate of registration and BIR to prove that they are legally operating and can be trusted. We also double checked in DTI website to make sure that they are really registered. Nowadays, some papers are just created in Recto so we have to double check it. Seeing those documents and counterchecking it in DTI website, it proved that they really are legal. Just then we decided to deposit our downpayment in his account.

After paying the downpayment, we send the scanned copy of the deposit slip and in return, he send the travel voucher to us.

What I like about them?

They offer an excellent service. The price of their service is affordable. Actually, Parana Tours gave the lowest quotation for our Caramoan Tour among the travel agency that I asked. Cheap but with Quality.

They also responded quickly to my queries that I don’t need to follow them up to obtain the answers to my questions. The itinerary were very clear on where our next stop is. We also have 3 very friendly and attentive tour guides during our trip.

What I dislike about the trip?

The van to be used in going to caramoan has no plate number. The permit to travel is about to expired the time we arrived Manila. If anything happens to us during the trip, there would be no reference on what was the plate number of the van. And also, the legroom of the van is very limited that I am having a hard time stretching my legs.

Will I avail their service again?

The answer is definitely YES! First of all, i’m sure that they are legal. They already earned my trust. They also gave us a great and wonderful experience in Caramoan that we will never forget!

  1. mel says:

    anung van ang ginamit nyo? i am also availing his services, so i want to know what to expect. he told me we will be using a toyota hiace commuter 2010…is that what u used?

  2. khyutee says:

    hi mel, yes its toyota hiace commuter.

  3. Erwin says:

    how much did they charge your group? Plano ko din kasi avail yung service nila eh. just like what you feel at first hehe parang hesitant din pero gusto ko talaga pumunta dun eh. thanks 🙂

    • khyutee says:

      at that tym 3800 per person.. pero now i think nag taas na cla since tumataas na tlga ang gastusin hehe 🙂 ang maganda dun sa trip namin, initially 3 rooms lang dpat kmi tas nung nakta nmn nila na sobrang sikip tlga kung 3 rooms lang kaya nag add na cla ng 1 pang room na free of charge nmn.. so accommodating and flexible cla 🙂

  4. Erwin says:

    ah… mukhang ok nga ang service nila kung ganun. plano ko kasi pumunta kaso dalawa lang kami so una plano ko is DIY trip nalang kaso i came across sa page ng Parana Tours kaya eto napaisip na naman ako. hehe salamat sa info mo. 🙂

  5. annery says:

    Rson is my friend, i’ve been referring him to my offiscemates since he began his tours. The service is great and been hearing a lot of positive feedbacks. 😀

  6. Maricille says:

    thanks for the post…at nalaman ko na legitimate pala sila…nag consider din kami na sila nalang yung mag tour samin sa ilocos escape namin…thanks sa info.

  7. Rita says:

    hi 1st time namin sa parana tour hope maging masaya & okay naman yung trip namin sa kanila inaantay ko na lang voucher namin. naka pag deposit na kami.. good din na madami akong blog na kikitang okay sa parana tour.. =))

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