Lazer Maxx at Centris

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Adventure

Yesterday, my cousins and I went to Centris to play lazer tag at Lazer Maxx . As I recall, when I was a little kid, we used to play lazer tag at Megamall. But as I grew up, the lazer tag there was closed and replaced by another establishment. So its been quite a while since I last played the game. It was only yesterday that I played again.

We played 3 rounds of Lazer Maxx where each round is 15 mins long. One 30-minute game costs Php360 and one 15-minute game costs Php190. Before the game starts, there was a short video played for us to be brief. The video contains how to play the game, how to properly use the equipment and some reminders on dos and don’ts while inside the game area. We weren’t allowed to have our picture taken while inside so I don’t have any remembrance with me.

The gear consists of a vest and a gun. The guns are labeled with names so that after the game you could check your score. Some of the names were Nero, Blade, Cable, Void, Venom, Sniper, Rhasta etc.. The vests have sensors where your enemies can hit you to score. It has four sensors in the front and one at the back.

The vests have 3 colors namely red, green and blue with maximum of 8 players. You may opt to have only 2 teams to maximize the number of players per team. The color of the vest can be changed via a remote. Just ask the operator to change it.

Once inside the game area, it is very dark. The area is spacious, it has up and down but the down part is not connected. It has a boundary at the middle. So once you are in the lower level of one side, you cannot back stab your enemy because the passage is not connected. There are also spray paint on the walls and floors to guide you where to go, and where the bases are located. There are also panel walls located in the everywhere where you can hide. But some of the panel walls have holes in it. You have to be careful not to be hit.

It was fun but at the end of the game, we were all sweating and tired. So we headed to Shakey’s to eat afterwards. We were so hungry that we ate a lot.


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