Win a Red Box Rockstar Party for Five

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Contest


1. Promo is open to anyone with a Facebook account.
2. Like the Red Box: Rock. Dine. Roll page on Facebook
3. Then post on your Facebook status: ‘I want to rock, dine and roll in Red Box!’—then tag Red Box: Rock. Dine. Roll.
4. Promo ends July 3rd, 2011 at midnight, Manila time.
5. Six winners will be chosen via lottery and will be informed shortly via Facebook and this blog.
6. The Six winners will win a Rockstar Package that includes five free primetime head charge vouchers each—a total of 30 vouchers will be given away, with the following inclusions:
a. Each winner is entitled to bring four guests to Red Box (total of five guests)
b. Free head charge
c. Free dinner and two free drinks per guest
e. Redeemable only on a particular time slot (7 PM to 12 midnight, Monday to Sunday)

For more info click here.

Updated: July 19, 2011 for the announcement of winners.

Congratulation to all the winners!

Click here for more info.


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