Subic Tree Top Adventure

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Adventure

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’m just quite busy this month so I really don’t have much time to blog.

Anyway so here are the activities that you can do while inside Subic Tree Top Adventure.

Upon arrival, there are 5 easy steps to enjoy your Tree Top Adventure.

First, the staff will brief you regarding the different activities that you can avail. You will be asked to be seated in the bench and listen to their briefing. Please also take time to read their house rules.

They have 6 activities that you can avail. Silver Surfer, Canopy Ride, Superman Ride, Interactive Free Fall, Tree Drop Adventure and Trekking Adventure.

Superman Ride:

Superman ride is like the zipline but the difference here in Subic is that it goes backward or forward. You are positioned like a flying superman. Here, your starting point is your end point as well.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer ride is where you will stand on the bar and it will also goes back and forth. Sometimes, it pauses in the middle and will let you sway for a few seconds.

Trekking Adventure:

In Trekking Adventure, they will teach you basic jungle survival techniques: how to make fire, how to cook rice, how to make rice cooker, how to make spoon, fork, cup. Afterwards, they will tour you inside the forest and introduce to you the different trees there. Be careful before going to the tour because there will be a lot of insects. Be sure to put some “off lotion” first before beginning the tour.

Canopy Ride

In Canopy Ride, you will just sit in the cable chair and it will tour you around. There are around 5 stops in which you will transfer to the next ride. Be sure to put some “off lotion” first so that insects won’t bite you. 🙂


This is the most exciting ride for me. In Rapelling, you will be drop from the top to the ground. This will just last for a few seconds, but this is really fun.

Interactive Freefall

Interactive Freefall in the ride that goes up and down and sometimes it pauses in the middle.
They also have packages that you can choose upon.

After selecting the activities, you will go to the cashier to pay and they will give you the tickets and sign the waiver.

Now, you may enjoy your ride!


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