Audreydeza’s Birthday Giveaway

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Contest


first winner : Gets a 1K Worth GC from AsianVogue to be used for bags/shoes

Second winner: Gets a 50% discount from Amoretto Le Voussoir FASHION for a single purchase worth 1000+ in bags/shoes/clothes

Third Winner: Gets a privilege card from Quirkypedia/Quaint Culture

Fourth winner: Gets 4 lovely vintage accessories from Butingtings and feather earrings from Twins Closet

Fifth winner: Gets 3 cute accessories from Prettified at Best and 2 I got swag ballers from Amoretto Le Voussoir


Follow her on Tumblr (+1 point)
LIKE her page ON FACEBOOK (+1 point)
FOLLOW her ON TWITTER (+1 point)
tweet: “I’m joining @itsaudreydeza ‘s birthday blog giveaway at” (+2 points)

Like Amoretto Le Voussoir fanpage (+1 point)
Add Amoretto Le Voussoir on Facebook (+1 point)
Follow Amoretto Le Voussoir on Tumblr (+1 point)
Like AsianVogue fanpage (+1 point)
Add AsianVogue as friend on facebook (+1 point)
Add Asian Vogue on Multiply (+1 point)
Follow Asian Vogue on twitter (+1 point)
Like Quirkypedia & Quaint Culture fanpage (+2 points)
Add Quirkypedia on Facebook (+1 point)
Like Butintings fanpage (+1 point)
Follow Butingtings on Tumblr (+1 point)
Add Twins Closet on facebook (+1 point)
Add Prettified at Best on facebook (+1 point)
Follow Prettified at best on Tumblr (+1 point)

additional points:

Be my fan on Lookbook (+2 points)
Tell us why you love Amoretto Le Voussoir HERE (+3 POINTS)
Make a wall post on your facebook account that says “Check out @Amoretto Le Voussoir ‘s awesome items in very low prices! They sell almost everything, designer shoes, korean apparels, accessories, cosmetics etc. Shop NOW and get huge discounts!” (+5 points)
Make sure that the @Amoretto Le Voussoir is properly linked so that your post will be visible on their fanpage

If you did everything, you have 30 points!

After you did all the rules, leave a comment on the Disqus with your full Name, tumblr url, twitter username, facebook url & name, your total points (attach a screen shot of your tweet if your twitter account is set to private)

REBLOG THIS POST! maximum of 5 reblogs only so that it will be fair and to give chance for everyone

FOR PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY! She will be the one to handle the shipping fee for the items 😉

Giveaway will end until December 4,2011 – 10pm (PH Time). I will notify the 5 lucky winners thru tumblr so please enable your tumblr asks.



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