Swatch Inspires Street Fashion

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Accessories, Contest

I am following Vern Enciso and Lissa Kahayon‘s blog and I saw in their blog the swatch inspires street fashion giveaway. One of the mechanics of the contest is “Take a photo of you and your outfit inspired by the collection you want at the Swatch Interactive Billboard which is located at the 2ND LEVEL OF GREENBELT 5, (beside the Swatch store) AYALA CENTER, MAKATI CITY. The photo can be taken anywhere inside the space.

I got curious what/where is Swatch Interactive Billboard in Greenbelt and what is inside it. I want to see what’s in it with my own eyes so I went there to take a look.

From the outside, I see lots of Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsey’s Images.

When you step inside, all over the wall are still Anne and Derek 🙂

There are also watches displayed at the side. Oh! I love to own those watches! 🙂 Would you like one too?

Check out Vern Enciso and Lissa Kahayon‘s blog for the full mechanics of the contest on how to own one (1) swatch watch under the collection you submitted an entry in.


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