First Time at Serenitea

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Food

My friends and I had agreed to have our dinner at Burgos Circle but we have no specific restaurant in mind yet. Those who were already free went ahead to Burgos Circle to look for a restaurant and to make a reservation. (Will blog the dinner experience next time) After making the reservation, we stopped by at Serenitea to wait for the others.

I always hear Serenitea as talk of town from my friends, but I never had tried it yet until that day. This was my first time to order here.

The ordering processes are as follows: first give your tea selection, choose the sugar level and lastly the sinkers. I ordered Wintermelon Milk Tea, 50% sugar level and no sinker. I don’t really like sinkers. After paying the bill, the cashier gave me a black circle thing which I assume will be the claim stub for my order.

After a few minutes, it started blinking red lights and vibrating endlessly. I was amazed by that thing since it’s my first time to encounter it. The blinking of red lights and vibrating are the signs that my drink is already done and can be picked up at the counter already.

The taste is good. I just keep on talking with my friends and sipping without noticing that it is already empty. I love the 50% sugar level and sweetness is just right. I’m now thinking what choice of tea should I order on my next visit at Serenitea. Any suggestions?

Burgos Circle, The Fort
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(02) 8468324


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