Amazing Accessories from Wonder Woman Rises

Posted: December 19, 2011 in contest won

This blog post is already a long overdue giveaway that I won. I joined the giveaway hosted by Angeline of Wonder Woman Rises and here are the prizes I won. Jewelry set from Chick Flick, personalized wired keychain from Anagon Collection “khyutee”, and Multiply shirt and a Multiply notebook. YEY!

I claimed my prize last Bloggers United 2 where I met Angeline and took the chance to have a picture taken with her.

I also get a chance to spend time with her during Bloggers United.

Thank you for the wonderful prizes 🙂 Love it!!

She has an ongoing giveaway right now.

And also don’t forget to join A Glimpse of Ence Giveaway if you haven’t.

Join now! You might be the lucky winner. Remember, if you don’t join, you don’t have the chance to win. So take your chances and there’s nothing to lose. Good luck!


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