Tipid Mode Celebration

Posted: March 8, 2012 in JC, Love

On the third day of my bf’s bday celebration, this day was a “tipid mode” day for us. Just a simple day to celebrate his birthday. He had a basketball game that day and I watched him play. They won that game and their standing is now 3-0. Yey! Hope that they make it to the finals.



After his game, we went to Megamall. I bought him his birthday present at Payless Shoe Source. 2 New Shoes 🙂 I let him choose his present so that I would know that the present that he will received was something that he really like.

But I also have a surprise present for him. This time it doesn’t required him fitting. I bought him the Unang Tatlong Dekada EB coffee table book. He had been requesting this since December that he wanted to own a copy. So as a surprise, I bought him the book. And when he saw the book, I saw it in his eyes how happy he was.

As a part of our “tipid mode”, we had our dinner at the food court of Megamall. While at the food court, we saw our college classmate eating at a distant table. After they have eaten their dinner, they approached our table and we had our picture taken.

And that’s the end of our day 3 celebration. Simple yet happy 🙂 I will be blogging the Day 4, last day of his bday celebration soon.

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