Sweet Water Resort Subic

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Adventure, Travel

Summer has officially began! Me and my colleagues decided to have an out of office fun at Sweet Water Resort in Subic. Don’t let the name of the resort get you, although it was named Sweet Water but the water is not really sweet, its still salty. haha!

The back part of the house we stayed in.

Now, the front view of the house.
At the side of the house, there is a shower.
Now, let me tour you to the 2 bedrooms. The bedrooms are located in the second floor.
Although the room is air-conditioned, they also have a ceiling fan.

Here’s the other bedroom. Unlike the other room, this has a glass door.
There is a common area between the 2 bedrooms.
The door you see in the above picture is the door to the CR. They have a common CR but they also have another CR at the ground floor. What I don’t like about the CR is that the floor is always wet and sandy.
 The Beach
Done with the tour of the place. Now the activities. Upon arriving the venue, we settled down then some of us started cooking for our lunch.

After eating lunch, we played 1,2,3 pass. First to get 4 cards of the same kind will tap the center of the table and the last to tap will drink a shot.
After the game, we ride the boat and swim in the middle of the sea.
After swimming, we had our dinner and started the socials night!
And before we left the place, we had our group pic.
It was a fun and enjoying moment with my colleagues. Summer has officially started!
How about you? Have your summer officially started?

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  1. RM says:

    Hi! Nice post about sweet water resort. Did you stay in the small house or the big house? Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Dannith says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the post. Do you have the house owner’s contact by any chance? Thank You

  3. judale says:

    Hi, do you have contact details of the place? Im interested to rent the place for a small beach wedding event.

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