Yakimix Eat All You Can MOA

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Food

My parents and I went out to dinner and I treat them at Yakimix, MOA.

The Rates. The prices below are not inclusive of drinks. If you wish to order bottomless drinks, you need to add Php 75.

Updated 2/27/13 with their new rates.

Yakimix SMMOA Rates

Drinks. Available are as follows: Coke products, Iced tea, Red iced tea, Blue lemonade and Mango juice.

Store Hours. They are closed on April 5 and 6 in observance of Holy Week but they will resume on April 7.

Updated 2/27/13 – Their operating hours is extended until 2:30P.M. for lunch time.

Food. You get to pick your own food that you wants as long as no leftovers.


Raw Food


Cooked / Ready to Eat Food



Ice Cream


Halo Halo




 Tables. On each table, there is a grill where you can cook the raw foods you picked.

The food are really delicious as well as the service. And also, one thing to note when you arrive at the restaurant and if there’s a long queue, be sure to reserve your seat at the booth outside the restaurant. And when your name is called, you need to be there or else they would scratch out your name. So when you come back, you need to reserve again.


SM Mall of Asa
G/F Entertainment Mall
836.1535 to 37

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