Laugh with God Today Book Review

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Book

Lenten season just ended and it was the perfect time for reflection. I learned about Laugh with God Today! by: Michael Angelo F. Lobrin because my bf told me to buy a copy and I want to thank him for introducing to me this book.

From the title of the book “Laugh with God Today”, I expect this book to be filled with stories of laughter. However, come to think of it, I imagine myself reading this book in public and then laughing out loud alone. People around might think that I’m crazy so it came to my mind that the title of the book should be “Smile with God Today” because when I’m reading the book, I can just smile unlike laughing, it could caught much attention to the public. 🙂 Kidding aside, the book was really funny but at the same time you could reflect on the message of each stories.

Just opening the first page, I found it funny already. It has this

THIS BOOK BELONGS TO: ______________________
(Ibig sabihin, bawal manghiram. Bumili ng sariling kopya!)
(Meaning, you are not allowed to borrow. Buy your own copy!)


I bought the book so that me and my bf could share reading the book. I intend to write in the blank my name and my bf’s name. Then, that makes us co-owner of the book. 🙂 haha

Then on the next page, you’ll find the book was already signed by the author. But it was also stated in there that if you wish to request for additional message from the author, you may do so, in case you meet him personally.

The book was written in Taglish (Tagalog and English). Truly, some of the jokes may not create the impact the author desired if written in purely English. Some of the jokes were really funny if written in Tagalog.

The book is divided into 3 sections – Reflections on Faith, Reflections on Generosity and Reflections on God’s Love, 7 chapters each section. Every chapter of the book started with a verse from the bible followed by the story and the teachings. It also has a very cute comic illustration for every chapter.

While reading the book, I imagine him giving a talk and preaching the teachings of Jesus. And whenever I read the jokes in each chapter, it always made me smile. At the end of every chapter, I reflected to know the deeper message of what Jesus really wanted to tell me. That’s why it took me days to finish reading the book although it can be finished in one sitting only.



This is just the first of the series. I can’t wait for the next release. The book cost Php280 and I found it expensive but it’s really worth every penny. I recommend you this book and may you laugh with God everyday! 🙂

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  1. rita mendoza says:

    cant buy the those books sa national bookstore nmin sa antipolo. I was informed na ung ngppublish nito ngstop na to produce copies.. how can i?? help…

    • khyutee says:

      hi rita, did you asked national bookstore if they still have copies being sold on their other branches? you may also try Powerbooks and Fully Booked.

    • michael angelo lobrin says:

      hi rita. its me, michael angelo lobrin, the author of the book. thanks for the inquiry. the book is available again in the market having Go Negosyo as its new distributor. kindly ask national bookstore for possible available copies. as of this writing, its out of stock. but we have printed another 5,000 copies for distribution. thanks

      • Jim Andre Taganna says:

        hi sir michael! i’m one of the participants of the CSMS V3.0. naghahanap po ako ng book pero wala po akong makita. gusto ko po mabasa. nagsisisi ako’t di ako bumili nung CSMS hehe.

  2. hi bro im planning to have a copy of ur book…ill buy it next pay day. i wanted to be inspired like others who have read…good luck and thanks for sharing us humor and inspirations….

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