Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012 Day 1

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Event, Fashion

Earlier today was the day 1 of Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012. I won a pair of tickets from Meg Magazine contest so I asked my colleague, Anjel, to accompany me to the event. The registration started 1pm but I arrived a little late so when I reached the event, the line was already long.

I ask Anjel to line up for us while I search for the person to whom should I get our tickets.  After getting the tickets, I headed to the long queue to line up.


 After registration, we were asked to write anything on their freedom wall.

We checked out all the carts and stalls they had prepared for us.



Life-sized music box with a ballerina in it

Such a cute and lovely car. I wish I have one like that!

They also prepared games for us to participate.





Free Makeover

Me and Anjel after the makeover.

 They also have a photo booth. However, since there was a long queue and I got tired of waiting, we decided not to line up in the photo booth anymore. They have a nice set up for picture taking.

 The emcee for the day was Abby Cruz.

 Opening remarks was given by Etude House Philippines President, Andrea Amadoms

 Skin Care talk was given by Mr Boram Kim

Followed by L.A. Ferriols, Fashion Assistant Meg Magazine to inform us about the Fashion Trend

Next was Ning Hilario, Beauty Editor Meg Magazine taught us about Beauty Class 101.

Then, Levenson Rodriguez, Personality and Image Consultant of the Fashion Academy Manila, shared some tips about Visual Poise

Sorry but I have to attend to another meeting so I need to leave early. So I don’t know what comes next after this already.

They also have raffles in between segments. Among the prizes being raffled were SHINee Diary, SHINee Mouse Pad, Cushiony Pouch, etc..

View from the top, clearly you can see the event was attended by a lot of women. It was such an honor to be able to attend to an event like this. If you miss the event today, you can still go tomorrow, April 22 for the Day 2 of Etude Playhouse Pink Fair 2012.

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