LUMINARC’s GLAM MOM! Day 2 – Demo Plating and Fashion Show

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Event, Fashion, SM

First of all, I want to greet all the moms out there a happy mothers day. Today is the 2nd day of Luminarc’s Glam Mom – Mother’s Day Weekend Event. And this time around, it’s Chef Him Uy de Baron turn to do the demo plating. Still, there were photo booths, raffle draws and product showcase of Luminarcs’ at Concourse Area of SM Makati. (click here to read Day 1)

 The host for event was Issa Litton.

The program starts with a demo plating from Chef Him Uy de Baron. He invites audience to join him with his demo plating. After doing the demo plating, the audience gets to eat their work. Chef Him also shares some pointers to consider when plating – texture, height, color and contrast.

 Shortly after the demo, the fashion show begins. Fashion show is inspired by their collection – Floral and Classic.

The Floral Series

    Anemone Collection

Intricately placed stalks of pink flowers form a soothing vertical garden on the dinnerware.


Bouton D’or Collection

Bouton D’or is inspired by the lovely yellow buttercup flower!


 Colombelle Collection

Sweet girly ribbon bow, butterflies & flowers in a wide array of colors adorn this collection.


 Daliane Collection

Blue peony flowers combined with geometric floral. 


Green Ode Collection

Large green floral motifs in photographic prints decorate the plates.


The Classic Series

The Sequins Collection

Geometric prints using circles and lines are creatively placed at the side of the plate. 


The Volare Collection

Distinctive organic design and bone china colour is made from three waves creating a subtle triangular shape.


The Embrodery Collection

Rays of red, yellow, orange & green burst out like sun rays, enveloping the border of this collection.


 The Shamal Collection

Shamal, as the name suggests, takes its inspiration from the north easterly wind that blows across the Middle East.


 The Tivano Collection

A touch of wild-like wheat in soothing pastel colors of green and yellow softly embellish.


The walking tables were also present in the fashion show.

Luminarc dinnerware collection is fully tempered, 3 times stronger than normal glass, non reactive material & does not absorb any substance, resistant to high temperature variance, dishwasher & microwave safe and easily stackable. The collections are available at SM, Robinson’s, Landmark, Metro Market department stores in Metro Manila and selected provincial outlets.

Of course before the day ended, I had my picture taken with Chef Him and Miss Issa.


 Again, thanks to Luminarc and Miss Faith for inviting me to this wonderful event and also for the wonderful gift. Congratulations also for the success of the event. 🙂 I really enjoyed the fashion show. From designs on the plates, they were able to make the same designs on the dresses. Amazing isn’t it?

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Some pictures were taken from Luminarc Glam Mom Event Press CD

  1. The walking tables are so lovely and cute!:)

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