Felt Unlimited Basic Felt Crafts Workshop

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Accessories, Event

Remember my post about events and workshops last May 3? Well, since I have nothing to do yesterday so I decided to attend to Bedazzle Accessories Felt Unlimited Basic Felt Crafts Workshop at Fully Booked, BHS, Global City.


There were only 6 participants for this event. Miss Cat wanted a small group only because it was harder to supervise if there are a lot of people. Each and everyone of us was given our own crafting kits and a print out of the workshop outline. The crafting kits include felt, scissors, threads, needles, wiggly eyes, snap clips, brooch pins, key rings, hair band and cotton stuff.

The workshop lecture started with a short introduction about felt and threads followed by series of hands-on activities. We were taught different kinds of basic hand sewing stitches needed for making felt projects and afterwards, we crafted our own felt projects with the guidance of Miss Cat. At around 4pm, we had our delicious snack from Krispy Kreme.

Picture grabbed from Miss Cath

Picture grabbed from Miss Cat

 These are my finished products crafted from felt. I was able to craft only 4 since I was so slow and time is limited. I had fun learning felt crafting and I wanted to do some more of these during my free time.

At the end of the event, we were all given a gift certificate and a small token. And of course, picture taking with Miss Cat and RA, one of my workshop-mate.


 They have another workshop on June 3, but this time, its bead accessory workshop.

If you are interested to join you may visit there facebook: Bedazzle Accessories or text or email the contact details written in the poster.

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  1. So cute! I’d love to attend a workshop but I’m just to far away. *sigh* =(

  2. anne lei says:

    nice post sis. tapos na pala ang bead seminar.

  3. Kristen says:

    oh i love this kind of craft workshop! my daughter and i bought a kit last week and we had fun making the blue elephant bag charm 🙂

  4. michi says:

    nice way to learn new skills. BGC is too far from my place.

  5. zoan says:

    wahhh. I really want to join accessory making workshops even scrapbooking workshops. but such events are not available here:( too sad:(

  6. January says:

    Very nice workshop. I love handmade too, actually I make handmade jewelries…:)

  7. ladymoxie says:

    I’d love to learn to do crafts but with three tykes, a baby on the way and work on that of that, I really have very little time in my hand. But good for you!

  8. Hmm that’s nice crafty workshop! There are lots of things that we can do if we just focused our minds in it. Good that your indulging yourself with this kind of workshop. It’s a stress reliever I’m sure.

  9. CC :) says:

    Looks fun! I love workshops! Especially when people work in small groups. (But are really working individually) It’s just like back in school~ but more fun.

  10. Lady says:

    Wow felt crafting! I have a few projects I wanted to do using felt but I don’t know where to find supplies. Would you happen to know where I could buy in bulk?

  11. theresa says:

    i want to attend this kind of events though limited lang dito or none at all sa province. 😦

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