Essential Looks Flux Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Event, Fashion

ESSENTIAL LOOKS from Schwarzkopf Professional brings you the FLUX Collection. The latest catwalk trends distilled into four NEW visual moods for Spring/Summer 2012 – DARK ANGELS, SPORTS JUNKIES, HIP OPULANTS and COOL HUNTERS.

Each season a handpicked team of hair professionals immerse themselves in the fashion weeks of London, Paris, Milan and New York and emerge inspired to create a collection of distinct trends. This season, Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador are Nikki Bacay and R2 Tolentino.

For the first time, ESSENTIAL LOOKS features the Catwalk to Salon concept. The concept is about taking avant-garde looks as inspiration and then creating interpretations that are both aspirational and adaptable, with versatile cuts and colouring techniques that promise to work for all salons and their clients. Essential Looks is the seasonal tool for change from Schwarzkopf Professional, delivering wearable, desirable style direct to the salon door in a usable, accessible format that empowers.

Dark Angel Collection 
by R2 Tolentino

The DARK ANGELS are sensual, mysterious and confident women who are the embodiment of feminine beauty. Outfits skim every curve, but never reveal too much.




Hip Opulants Collection 
by R2 Tolentino

HIP OPULANTS are hedonistic pleasure seekers who want to see and be seen at the coolest bars and hippest hangouts. The wardrobe reflects their love of glamour with high-octane show stopping looks that mix wild prints with eye-popping colour and a dash of sparkle.






Sports Junkies Collection 
by Nikki Bacay

SPORTS JUNKIES are honed, toned adrenalin junkies always seeking the next endorphin rush. Clothes are designed to fit and flatter and showcase her perfect form. Sportswear was the biggest trend to emerge from New York this season with mesh paneling, hoodies, nylon straps and baseball caps seen everywhere.



Cool Hunters Collection 
by Nikki Bacay

COOL HUNTERS are the epitome of 21st century entrepreneurs, travelling the world with a high tech virtual office in search of the next new “big thing. From sleek precision bobs to attitudinal feather cuts and bold statement colour, it all displays the Cool Hunters fierce passion for fashion.



Schwarzkopf Professional is focused on bringing fresh seasonal ideas and energy to commercial salon work and giving salons all the tools they need to translate that into wantable, wearable styles for their clients.

What mood do you like best and why?

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  1. ” The drama of the runway .”

  2. sarah says:

    Hi Khyutee, sorry, I forgot to log out from It is my blogger account that is registered on BC Bloggers . Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Cristine says:

    Wow… so stylish!

  4. Love the Cool Hunters the best! 😀

  5. I love the hair of Dark Angels! Beautiful post.

    Mommy Maye (

  6. Chan says:

    Was this shown at the recent PFW?

  7. michi says:

    i like the sports junkies collection.

  8. Gelo says:

    I’m not a lover of fashion show but this post is really great.

  9. Kristen says:

    i like the Cool Hunters among the collections! The colors and the dresses are just beautiful.

  10. Rae says:

    Di ko masyadong gusto yung hairstyle, parang ang dungis nila tingnan.

  11. pearlyshells1208 says:

    they’re all nice to look at, though i’m not so much into fashion. 🙂

  12. allan says:

    Nice dress. But the hair, it that the current fashion now?

  13. I like the Cool Hunters style! kakaiba ang peg! 🙂

  14. chrisair says:

    I love that sports outfit

  15. great collection! i can see futuristic and chic style…

  16. leira says:

    love this.. thanks for sharing di na ako nag attend nang PFW too tiring, too crowded and too far..

  17. CorbyLove says:

    cool. I like the Hip Opulants Collection.

  18. Jhari says:

    Cool hair cut. Pang Korea teleserye hehehe! Thanks for sharing it.

  19. I’ve always loved to sport a hairstyle similar to that of Hip Opulants Collection… but since I have an oval with chubby cheeks face, I couldn’t… I’d rather not for the fear of turning out to be a siopao for several months, at least until I am able to grow back my hair hahaha…

    – The Joyful Crafter

  20. dame016 says:

    Loving the Cool Hunters Collection!

  21. The collections are cool like most the cool hunter collections!

  22. Farida says:

    Filipinos exel in this field. We are very talented and are renowned worldwide. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  23. Taylor says:

    The cool hunters collection is amazing. Love it!

  24. Marianne says:

    I love the hip opulants and cool hunters collection.

  25. anne lei says:

    i would like to see new haircut. want to try something i have never done before.

    i never had a chance to see a runway show. this interests me, because i usually saw it on tv only.

  26. jellybelly says:

    The clothes are wearable unlike those I see in other fashion shows.

  27. Aileen says:

    I wonder what style would suit me 🙂

  28. sikat101 says:

    I’m old-fashioned. I do not try new hair styles but it is nice to see these hair style options.

  29. Cool Hunters for the win! 😀

  30. Geca Franco says:

    I want the Dark Angel look!

  31. Belle says:

    I liked the hip opulants. It’s a best fit for the ladies. The dresses even look like they can be worn both day and night. Nice post:)

  32. Marinella says:

    Seems like a big event. I wanna attend a fashion event to but I was never given a chance.

  33. Cool hunters are great! It’s somewhat out of the ordinary.

  34. aby says:

    nice photos! side shave head is so in lately

  35. natuwa ako dun sa naka pang work out get up tapos naka high heels, mukhang masaya hehehe.

  36. beautiful models in the cat walk 🙂 I always dream of becoming a model 🙂 hoepfully my little girl will have that dream comes true for me 🙂

  37. Love the cool hunter collection! 🙂

  38. I’m not fond of watching live fashion show but I still love seeing good creations on stage via tv. 🙂

  39. i am into fashion but the models look great

  40. madjewel says:

    haven’t experience watching a fashion show

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