Venetian Market At Venice Piazza McKinley

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Food

Last May 25, I attended the Venetian Market at Venice Piazza McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio. The place was already well attended even for the 1st day.

They have varieties of beers and wines from bottles to cans.


If you don’t like your drink to have alcohol content, they also have juices and milk teas.


Here are some photos of the food that you will see when you visit the Venetian market.



Finally, the dessert. Gelato Ice cream is the newest craze especially to beat off summer heat.

Not only that, outside the market, there is a jump slide and a bull-ride that you could try but you have to pay for it first. Php 80 for 15 minutes, Php 140 for 30 minutes and P300 for unlimited time. Even adults can try the jump slide.


Visit the Venetian Market, a one of a kind Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean marketplace. Choose from a variety of Cold Cuts, Cheese, Pizza&Pasta, Organic Produce, Sweets & Gourmet Snacks and find the perfect wine/beer to match your food. Experience authentic Venetian Market from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on the following dates:

  • May 25 & 26
  • June 1 & 2
  • June 22 & 23
  • July 20 & 21

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  1. Lady says:

    Wow the kind of food I like! But sadly Fort is too far away :/ Is this just a one-time event? Or every weekend?
    I plan to visit a similar food market in One Centris but I don’t know if the food will look this tasty!

  2. Olga says:

    The food looks great. I’ll ask hubby to take us there this June so we can try the fare.

  3. ice cream , how i love them, this is really nice. i have never been to venice piazza but heard so much about it.

  4. Yuu Ki says:

    gonna check this out too…

  5. verna says:

    Thanks for posting this. Id like to experience this.

  6. An Italian market like Venetian Market is worth trying to visit especially the gentlemen for they have a lot of wines and beers to “match” with their food (pulutan).

  7. jerminix says:

    nice pictures, hope they have that here in Cebu 😀

  8. verabear says:

    That’s quite an interesting market, but how are the prices?

  9. I love these new kind of sosy markets sprouting everywhere. I haven’t been to any of those but I’m looking forward to visit one.

  10. I heard of this already pero di pa nakapunta. Looks interesting at nakakagutom. 🙂

  11. Jackie Cagas says:

    Love your pics. You can use table tags to organize it well 🙂

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