Posted: June 3, 2012 in Event, Eyebrow, Freebies, Games

The Belle de Jour (BDJ) PASSION SERIES: THE GREAT STRIP-OFF! A Passion Series exclusive for BDJ Girls 18 and above only, brought to you by: Strip and Browhaus was held yesterday at Greenbelt 5 Gallery. It was an intimate event attended by 25 BDJ girls only.

Before the program started, we had a short mini buffet snacks and a glass of wine.


The program was hosted by Ms. Jasmine Mendiola and at the same time she was also the speaker for the event.

After the short snack, the program began with a short game came “Have You Ever – Strip Poker”. Its a combination of Have You Ever Game and Strip Poker. The host stated the situation and if any one of us had ever did the situation, we took off any thing that we are wearing. If we haven’t did it, we don’t need to take off anything. The BDJ girls who took off with the least and most number of things won a prize.

The Early Birds of the event got a special prize, BROW CONSTRUCTION! They were called to step up in front and share their experience in Browhaus. See how defined their eyebrows are. I also had my eyebrows defined in Browhaus so I can relate to what they were saying.

The talk was very educational and I learned a lot – that it takes 11 seconds to make a first impression, handling hair problems and grooming good and knowing the  ways to handle hair horror experiences.

During the break, we also played Spin A Bottle: Truth or Dare. After answering the truth or performing the dare, the BDJ girl was asked to sit down. The last 10 BDJ girls won a prize. When the bottle pointed at me, I picked dare and my dare was to say the alphabet backwards. Gosh!

Before the event ends, Miss Monique Jamlang, the Head of Operations for Strip and Browhaus, shared to us information about Strip and Browhaus. Happy anniversary to Strip Manila and Brohaus Manila GREENBELT BRANCH! 30% off all ala carte services yesterday until today! Greenbelt branch only! Time to grab this opportunity.

She showed us samples of waxing kit and wax. You can see in the waxing kit there are a lot of spatulas inside. That is because they don’t allow double dipping of spatula in the wax. So once it was already dipped and applied in your skin, they will throw the spatula already.


They also demo to us Brow Construction and Brow Resurrection.


I got to take home Php1000 worth of service vouchers from Strip and Browhaus. Thank you Strip and Browhaus. I also claimed my Athena and Carb Trim free samples.

I love being a BDJ girl not just because of the treats I get to attend to these events for free and I really learned a lot from the talk. I don’t need to enroll myself to any seminars to learn these things. And also I got the chance to meet fabulous women from the events. Thanks to all the BDJ team members who worked so hard for this event. 🙂 Looking forward to the next event.

Have you tried Browhaus or Strip? Share your experience in the comment.

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  1. KRIZZA says:

    It looks like this event is full of fun filled activities. Not only did u enjoy the day but you were able to bring home some exciting prizes. 🙂

  2. nelson RN says:

    OOps.. for girls only!
    Anyways, great post!
    Dropping by via BC Bloggers 🙂

  3. verna says:

    I’m scared of waxing and plucking. I have a low pain tolerance. I’m such a baby. Haha. I use veet for hair removal. I’ve tried waxing before, and swore to never wax again. Buti nalang it wasn’t long til i found veet. I never used anything else after i tried it.

  4. Marianne says:

    Looks like you have so much fun. Hope I can also attend such event coz I honestly don’t know how to trim my eyebrows. 🙂

  5. its always nice to receive freebies

  6. Rae says:

    Nac-curious na ako sa browhaus a.

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