Guide to PRC ECE License Renewal

Posted: June 11, 2012 in License Renewal

I am a license Electronics Engineer and since my birthday is near, it means that my license will be expiring soon. Last week, I already renewed my license because I don’t want to pay for extra fees for renewing an expired license.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to renew PRC ECE license:

What to Bring:

1.  Bring 3 passport size picture or PRC picture (as most people call it) with white background. Make sure that your photo have your name written below. But if you forgot or don’t have time to have your photo taken, there are photo booths outside PRC. You can just have you picture taken there that cost around Php 80 for 4 copies of passport picture/PRC picture. 

Note: 2 passport size/PIC pics will be submitted upon renewing your PRC license and the other 1 will be submitted upon renewing your IECEP membership. The picture to be submitted in IECEP doesn’t require a specific size. Since you will be having 4 copies of passport size pic when you have your photo taken, it is better to use that.

2. Bring 2 photocopies of your PRC License ID back and front. One will be submitted in PRC and the other one in IECEP. But if you forgot or don’t have time, you can have it photocopy in front of PRC for Php2.00 each copy.

3. Black ballpen

4. Cash:
IECEP Renewal Fee – Php 1300  
PRC Renewal Fee – Php 450
Expired License to be renewed – Php 30

Extra money for photocopy, glue and ID picture if needed.

5. Glue/Paste  (optional) – You can borrow or buy a glue/paste at the stores outside PRC.

Step by Step Procedures:
A. IECEP Renewal – You need to finish renewing your IECEP membership first before proceeding to PRC. This is because you need to submit the photocopy of the certificate of IECEP membership to PRC. I’m not sure what time is their office hours, but the day when I renewed my license, the staff just arrived around 9AM.
1. Go to Don Lorenzo Building, P. Paredes St., Sampaloc, Manila, just in front of PRC.
You will see a signage of the building’s name and this will inform you that you are on the right place.

 2. Go up to 3rd floor and just across the elevator is the IECEP office. Ask for the renewal form and fill it up. Paste your picture in the upper right hand box of the form.

3. Submit the accomplished form together with the photocopy of your PRC license ID to the IECEP staff. Pay Php1300 for the renewal fee. This is fixed whether your license is expired or not.

4. Afterwards, the staff will hand you over the certificate of IECEP membership  together with the official receipt.

4. Have your certificate of IECEP membership photocopied. Then, proceed to PRC.

According to the IECEP staff, the ID will be delivered at your preferred address 3-4 weeks after.

B. IECEP Renewal

1. Go to the Window (I forgot the letter, I think it’s Q) near the entrance and ask for a license renewal form for ECE. You need to show your license ID first before they hand you over a form.

2. Fill up the form and paste (1) one of your picture at the upper right hand box of the form.

3. Go inside the PRC Main Building and present the accomplished form, the photocopy of the certificate of IECEP membership, photocopy of your PRC license ID and 1 passport size/PRC pic in Window 18.

4. The staff will assess your form and will give it back to you after assessment together with the amount that you need to pay.

5. Settle your bills at the PRC Cashier Window. Php450 for the renewal fee and if your license is already expired, you need to pay additional Php30.

6. The cashier gave you the receipt after payment.

7. Go back to Window 18 and submit the form. The staff will hand you over the claim stub and on when can you claim your license.

That’s it! Pancit! Easy Right? Feel free to comment if you wish to add anything or correct me regarding my post. 🙂

** Please read the comments section for updates from other renewers of license.**

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  1. andrew says:

    No need for CPE points?

      • andrew says:

        Ah ok.. thanks for the reply..

      • cesz says:

        talga? no need for CPE points? but how come in IECEP website that posted a resolution approved feb 2012 that Cert. of Good Standing can only be obtained if you have 60 CPE points? this is so confusing… ibig sabihin IECEP people themselves are not honoring their own resolution? IECEP sucks..when did you renew your license?

      • cesz says:

        i magnified the your cert. photo and it said there “WITH 60 CPE POINTS”… pro sabi mo po wala ka naman nun… so ibig sabihin dino-doktor nila ang COGS basta magbayad ka? IECEP sucks!

  2. andrew says:

    Meron ka po talaga 60 CPE points? O kahit wala ba nun e binigyan ka nila ng certificate basta nagbayad?
    Nung november pa kasi expired yung license ko e plan ko sana magrenew.
    Wala naman akp CPE points.
    I’ll wait for your reply..

    Thanks =) . .

  3. Mommy Maye says:

    Oh, thank your for the reminder. My PRC licensed was expire also. I need to renew it.

    Mommy Maye (

  4. Gerilen says:

    thanks for this reminder, i need to renew my license too.. 😛
    visiting via bc blogger

  5. ronaldo says:

    how long before you can claim your id license?

  6. inkblatz says:

    mas mahal pa pala magrenew sa IECEP kesa PRC….hmm…..

    • nancy says:

      Oo nga bakit kaya ang mahal sa IECEP? Sa Baguio nga nong last na nagrenew ako nagbayad ako ng kulang kulang 4K dahil 10 years daw akong di memebr ng IECEP. Mga kakilala ko na nagrenew sa Manila di naman siningil ang years na di sila member. Mukhang walang policies na sinusunod ang IECEP. Regarding naman sa CPE points mukhang sa mga Workshops and Seminars lang na sponsored nila ang may CPE points.

  7. khyutee says:

    @cesz i was able to renew my license last June2012 even without the completion proof of earning CPE points

    • Cesz says:

      hi khyutee and to everyone here…
      hope it’s OK to post here my experience with ECE renewal w/c i did just today… this blog is the first one that comes up when you search “ECE renewal” in Google so it can helpthose who might be searching… so here it goes…

      For those whose license already reflects “Electronics Engineer”. CPE points are needed to claim you renewed ID in PRC…

      yes, CLAIM. coz you can apply for renewal (just pay 600) in PRC BUT they will not release it unless you present COGS together w/ the claim stub…

      went to IECEP in shaw, the PRC satellite office is closed (dunno if for good) to get the COGS and they asked me where are my CPE points… I don’t have any, so they did not give me the COGS… i got these information from them:

      > IECEP training/seminars are the SURE ways to boost up your CPE points.. why “SURE”? coz you can have trainings/seminars attended in other company/places “assessed” but these may or may not be credited based on the discretion of iecep assessor.

      > you have to pay 30php per point you want assessed… let me stress that, PER POINT NOT PER TRAINING/SEMINAR…so, that’s 1800 if your filing 60 pts… not refundable if iecep did not approve/credit those you applied.

      > they can give you COGS even if you only have 20 CPE points but you need to provide promissory letter that you’ll complete the remaining 40 within 1 yr.. if you can’t complete it still, they can revoke your license (DAW.?)

      > you have to file another set of 60 CPE pts every renewal… but if you still have deficiency from your last renewal this will add up…

      > on top of all these you have to pay for the three year membership fee w/c is 1300 AND addt’l 350 for every year you weren’t a member… so for me, i was only a member 2008… that means 1300 + 350(3) = 2350 for membership alone…

      > trainings/seminars are not the only ways to get CPE pts… there is a guide that you can get from IECEP local chapters… there were self-learning modules, post grad degree, research, publications, inventions… but as i’ve said you need to have these assessed, they’re not automatic unlike IECEP sponsored activities (w/c i have to mention have registration fees as well)

      > National General Meeting and Assembly can give you 20pts at once… they have one upcoming this november…

      I questioned them why you were able to get COGS w/ the 60 CPE pts remarks even if you don’t have them and they were mum… don’t worry, I never mentioned this site or any of your details… just told them “I know someone”… i just want them to feel ashamed that they have loop holes in their procedure because they really suck big time…

      hope you’ll let this stay in your blog… thanks a lot.. ^^

  8. pypie says:

    Hello, do you know how much it costs for renewal of license? Mine is expired since last OCT. it is already expired for almost 10 months..
    Thank You.

  9. Mark Angeles says:

    hi kyutee, were you able to claim your prc id?

  10. Anti-CPE says:

    iecep no longer helping those registered ece working with less incomes, where earnings had to be put into more important matters that cpe points as mentioned. they should have balanced this system – where cpe points are the only key to renew your licensed. sayang naman pinaghirapan ng mga magulang ko na sumusob sa lupa para lang mapagtapos ako ng kursong ito. dapat ang cpe points ay para sa mga nagnanaais mag upgrade to pece. paano n lng mga ece natin na may mga pamilya na – na kakarampot ang kinikita.

    • Mark Angeles says:

      i agree.. pinatupad nalang sana nila yung pagrender ng CPE points kapag kalevel na natin yung mga 1st world countries na matataas ang earnings ng mga engineers!!

    • nancy says:

      Tama! Di kaya mas maganda kung employment Certificate ang hanapin nila. Kung employed ka naman continous ang professional education. Yong Certificate of Good Standing ng IECEP pera lang ang katapat. Pag nagbayad ka na may good standing ka na.

      • JP says:

        i’ve worked in a broadcasting company. sabi nila wala daw points yun kung saan man company ka nagwowork hindi tulad nung dating law. tanong ko lang sa kanila..meaning kung nagwowork ako halimbawa as a call center agent at nakakuha ako ng 60 cpe points sa mga seminars at convention nila makakakuha ako ng license?..mas importante pa yun kesa sa knowledge na nagagain mo sa company mo?..tapos magbabayad ka pa ng malaki pa sa prc renewal fee e hindi naman nila tayo natutulungan sa paghahanap ng trabaho.. and pansin ko lang sa website nila, about dun sa building na project nila, yung sinabi nila na “kung gusto may paraan kung ayaw may dahilan” parang napaka unprofessional naman yun para lang kunin yung ating atension para magdonate sa kanila..

      • jaycampillan says:

        tama ka pre bakit kung nag work ka na in line sa course mo di ba yan continous professional education? samantala dyan sa iecep story telling lng may cpe points ka na pag umattend ka dapat e consider din nila yung cert. mo galing sa pinagtrabahuan mo and also trainings/seminar you attended provided by the company you work in.

  11. Natalie says:

    paano pag ECE pa ang card? same step din ba to renew and change to Electronics?

    • Rainier Jeffrey says:

      Pag ECE pa yung license di pa po required CPE points..Sana nga hindi na talaga required CPE points, sana para lang yung CPE points sa mga nagnanais na maging PECE..

    • nancy says:

      Pag ECE pa ang card magbabayad ulit ng panibagong registration fee. Nagbayad na nga tayo non di siya fair.

  12. anon says:

    Andrew/cesz, update naman dyan.

  13. anon says:

    Sana mag update ulit yung iba, lalo na sina andrew at cesz.

  14. Franko says:

    up ko lang to… very informative lalo na sa mga katulad ko na tinatamad na mag renew dahil sa CPE points requirement na yan which is obvious na pera pera lang… haissst! 😦 for now, ok na sakin yun alam ko yung reg# ko… haha ;p

  15. JEN says:

    My PRC ECE License i expiring today, googled “renewing PRC ECE” and this website came out of the search. Right on the dot, exactly the info i need. No need to make a trip to PRC today to inquire on the requirements. Thank you very much for the very informative step-by-step guide.

  16. Jeffrey says:

    Pera pera lang talaga….panu ka naman kc makakapagattend ng mga seminars & trainings kung nagtatrabaho ka, diba?

    isa pa maliit pa ang kinikita mo, katulad nyan my seminar on november, eh nandito ako sa gensan, kukulangin ang isang bwang sweldo ko nyan para lang umattend jan. pambayad ng registration, ticket sa eroplano back and port. hay nako panu tayo nito makakapag renew.

    • nancy says:

      Tama pera pera lang talaga! Ang mahal pa. Last time na nagtanong ako meron din bang points ang Company sponsored trainings and seminars related sa profession? Wala pa daw silang policies regarding dito…Naku wala pa pala silang policies pero nag-iimplement na. Pera pera talaga!

  17. winzor says:

    i am self employed, i was not able to practice my profession til now. my licensed expire almost 10 years now. . I was not able to convert it to electronic engineer, can i still renew and convert it? do you have an idea how much will i pay to PRC?

  18. John Rhey says:

    thanks for this info engr chua (I know you since we attended same review center) 🙂

  19. Teng Feliciano says:

    I just renewed my license yesterday. Graduate ako ng ECE and passed the board nung 1998 pero year 2000 na ako nag apply ng license. Nag expire yung lisensiya ko ng May 2003 pero hindi ako nagpa renew until yesterday dahil hindi ko naman kailangan sa trabaho ko ngayon.

    Nagbayad ako ng Php1300 para sa IECEP membership at Php2000 para sa license renewal and penalties. Additional Php600 para sa conversion ng lisensiya ko from ECE to Electronics Engineer.

    eto pa ang iba kong gastos kahapon.

    -80 pesos para sa picture
    -42 pesos para sa Oath form with 2 documentary stamps (kailangan to para sa conversion ng lisensiya)
    -5 pesos para sa envelope
    -5 pesos para sa isang tube ng paste
    -12 pesos para sa bolpen
    -25 pesos para sa sedula (kailangan din ito para sa conversion ng lisensiya)
    -20 para sa fishballs
    -80 pesos para sa lunch (rice, beef with mushrooms, bottled water)

    Ngapala, LUMIPAT NA ANG IECEP OFFICE SA CITILAND SHAW BLVD. WALA NA SA DON LORENZO BUILDING!!!! Kailangan ko lang isigaw dahil hindi ako handa magpabalik balik sa Shaw blvd at sa Morayta.

    Swerte ko lang dahil ECE pa ang lisensiya ko, hindi ko kailangan ng CPE points. Kung Electronics Engineer na ang lisensiya mo eh wala kang choice kundi maghanap ng CPE points or … (ikaw na ang bahalang mag-isip)

    Yun lang.

    • monallyza says:

      So Sir, need pa talaga pumunta ng Shaw Blvd then sa PRC?

    • winzor says:

      thanks to Teng Feliciano… u gave me an idea, almost 10 years n dn expire license ko. akala q tangal n aq sa list ng mag ece, do you have an idea how they compute for the penalty? bk8 2000 pesos?

    • nancy says:

      Hi sir Teng! BUti nga sayo 1300 lang binayaran mo sa IECEP. Ang IECEP Baguio siningil ako ng 10 years na di member sa IECEP. Kung di ako nagkakamali 3500 yata binayaran ko sa IECEP pa lang. Grabe talaga di ontime naman ako nagpaparenew ng license tapos nong required na ang Certificate ng IECEP don ako nadale. Ang malungkot pa don di naman pala ganon ang singil ng IECEP Manila. Mukhang dami pera ng IECEP Baguio.

    • Jay Zacarias says:

      gud pm sir enrg teng…sa shaw na lang ba ang iecep?wala na din ung malapit sa sm manila?and san po nakakakuha ng oath form?

  20. Michael says:

    bad trip na cpe yan!!

    • jeric says:

      Nakakabadtrip pag rerenew ng prc. Naghahanap na sila ng CPE points, Tinanong ko ung secretary nila kung paano me makakakuha cpe points, binigyan nila paper na kung paano me makakakuha required points.. Kung matagal ka na ECE, masusurprise ka and at the same point dissappoint sa policy nila..Sabi rin nung girl dun na check ko daw group ng IECEP sa facebook about sa seminars na inoffer nila.( By the way check nyo rin at tingnan nyo last update dun, 2010 pa…) Sana sa may prc office palang sinabi na di mo marerenew prc id mo pag ece pag wala ka cpe points. Wala kaya way para mabalik nalang sa Electronics and Communications Engineer instead of Electronics Engineer? It seems like conversion to electronics engineer is a bad idea after all…Im sure majority of engineers who are currently working wont have a time for the CPE requirements na kelangan nila since most of us are working to help our family. Sana maging realistic sila..Kung ganito kahigpit policy nila im sure majority of ECEs wont even bother renewing their license.. Thanks IECEP napakalaking tulong mo tlaga sa mga ECE like us..

  21. Ken says:

    hi.. I lost my PIC and I forgot my license number. Is there a portal where I can find ECE license numbers?

  22. john says:

    ask lang po meron ba satellie ofis ang iecep sa prc or outside metro manila?

  23. Rumel Valencia says:

    Tnx.. expired na license ko, makapag renew nga.. 🙂

    khyutee san ka nagreview? prang classmyt kta sa EDGE

  24. Bernard says:

    Guys pa update lang.for those who has named as electronics engineers on their PRC ID. Nakakuwa ba kayo ng Certificate of Good Standing sa IECEP even w/o earning 60 CPE points?. Please share your experience..thanks

  25. ROSEBUDS says:

    yan din hinanap sa akin nung staff ng PRC (certificate of good standing) nung nag-apply ako kanina for renewal…sa bad trip ko umuwi na lang ako balik ng olongapo….pa update naman dun sa mga nag renew this year… salamat GOD BLESS

  26. brian says:

    kaya ba ng halfday ito? 12pm onwards? thanks!

  27. brian says:

    so there is no IECEP kiosk now infront of PRC?? HIndi na nga siguro ito kakayanin ng halfday. Tsk

  28. Jandz says:

    Very informative! Good Job Engr. Kyutee!!! Advice ko lang sa mga magrerenew ng ID better call IECEP Office 1st: Phone: +632 6877187. visit also its website: for more info. More Power fellow ECEs!

  29. Mark says:

    Any more updates please.
    Do I need 60 CPE points for ID renewal? Mine’s still Elect. and Comm. Engineer, 5 years expired.

  30. Mark says:

    From IECEP Secretariat:

    Hi Sir, since your Licensed ID is electronics and communications engineers , you need first to visit IECEP Office near you and please bring the following requirements: 1) 1 pc. of ID Picture any size 2) Photocopy of PRC Licensed ID expired 3) IECEP Membership Fee is P1,300.00 for 3 years valid. You don’t need to comply the 60 CPE Points coz your licensed is for conversion but when your licensed ID is converted already “Electronics Engineers” for the next renewal you need to comply the 60 CPE Points, fyi please and Thank you.

  31. cesz says:

    wow… madami pa palang nagcomment about dito… na special mention pa ko.. hehe..

    for those seeking info pa din… kapag po electronics and communications engr and nakalagay sa ID nyo po, no need for CPE points FOR NOW… kc to renew need nyo po magpunta sa IECEP Shaw to convert you to Electronics Engr… so, next time na mag-rerenew po kau ulit, after 3 yrs.. hahanapan na po kayo ng CPE points… kasi Electronics Engr na po ung license nyo e..

    ulitin ko lang po… strictly speaking ung RENEW po ay pwedeng gawin… dahil po sa PRC ito ginagawa,,, bayad ka lang 600… PERO HINDI NYO PO MACLA-CLAIM ang renewed ID nyo po kapag wala kayong COGS (Cert of Good Dtanding) na galing sa IECEP.. ung COGS po ung po ung need ng 60 CPE points… di (DAW) po kayo bibigyan ng COGS kung wala kaung 60 CPE points…

    So, until now po ay nasa PRC pa din ung renewd license ko… Tinry namin iclaim ni BF (ece din cya) pro ayaw talga ibigay…

    Nagtry po ako mag-pa assess sa IECEP for CPE points… may master’s kasi ako, pro hindi sa ECE, Engineering Management… HINDI DAW PWEDE UN!! Kahit Six Sigma Certification ko hindi pwede kasi daw di naman un ELECTRONICS related… for me, this is non-sense… Continous professional education is hindi lang dapat confined sa Electronic subjects… Mag-attend daw ako ng seminar and general assembly… Sorry, hindi naman sa nagyayabang,,, pro ayaw nilang bigyan ng points ung masteral ko pati six sigma cert pro ung general assembly nilang walang wenta e 20 points??? Cge kanila na lang ung ID nila…

  32. fei8ht says:

    Hi. my Electronics Engineer License already expired last year. and I am not yet a member of IECEP. I did not pay the membership before. do you have any idea how can I renew my license? or how much is the cost of IECEP membership? and what are the steps/procedures, etc? Thanks a lot.

    • Jandz says:

      hi fei8ht… greetings! 🙂

      First, gusto ko muna malaman mo na u r already an IECEP member since u got ur ECE License.
      Un lang d na active. Di mo lang cguro naalala na nag sign up ka for IECEP membership
      noong nagregister ka sa PRC. If ur now holding d License as ELECTRONICS ENGINEER (RA 9292),
      sure u have paid dues to IECEP for COGS (Certificate Of Good Standing) as the latter is required for the conversion
      of Electronics and Communications Engineer License (RA 5734) to Electronics Engineer License (RA 9292).

      2nd, License ID lang ang nirerenew not d License itself (wc is d certificate).

      for Renewal Procedure & Update, please visit the official website of IECEP National.
      Renewal procedure is under SERVICES. Feel free to contact IECEP Secretariat.


      update on our Profession also available on FB:

      IECEP FB Group:

      IECEP FB Page:

      Good Day & More Power!

  33. Eric-VIII says:

    hi kyuhtee.. f u don’t mind, san field of ece po keu currently ngwow-work? ;’)

  34. john says:

    may points din po ba mga training sa abroad?

    • share to others says:

      meron linabas n provision na if your company sent you abroad for training, you are already exempted for CPE points.magbabayad ka nalang ng 1300 para s renewal ng IECEP. tapos ibibigay n ung COGS mo.mas madali kung sa manila branch ka pupunta,look for merly mo nalang cya sa fb para makuha mo contact number nya.

  35. essel burgos says:

    This is a very helpful info. Thanks. – ece#35475

  36. Moises II says:

    Thank you my fellow Engineers for the information. I’ve been in the manufacturing industry for quite sometime…my license will expire this June 2013 and have plans in renewing it…but after I’ve read your comments…it made me think twice…it is better if the title is still ECE and not EE, well not just the title but the simplicity of renewing the ECE compared to EE. Hope we could do something to change the process. It’s very difficult to earn points when you are working…there are trainings and seminars which are far more related to our filled than the general assemblies being held just to earn money…”pera-pera” na lang ang nangyayari para makakuha ng points” hayy! Regards to my fellow Engineers.

  37. Chris says:

    nakow, masayang lang pera natin dito, dapat cgro nito ireklamo na.
    buti sana kung malaki ang sweldo lahat ng ECE eh di naman.
    Pano kung ang nature ng trabaho mo ay almost covered na ang mga subject sa ECE..
    kailangan pa kaya?


  38. Anthony_916 says:

    so pwede nalang pala na magbayad na lang ako ng 30 Php. per CPE points kesa kumuha ng mga points sa mga seminars?? wise?? hehe
    responsibility.. ang hirap mag.ipon ng mga mas walang chance pag busy..

  39. Bernard says:

    For those registered as Electronics Engineer.Mahigpit ang IECEP sa CPE na yan hindi ka nila bibigyan ng Certificate of Good Standing unless wala kang na earn na CPE. When I go there sa IECEP office at mandaluyong They handed me the form na doon nakalagay yung mga activities na eligible to earn CPE sabi ko I do not attended yet any seminar. Sabi sa akin balik na lang daw ako kapag naka earn na ko 60 CPE points. They do not give me an option to pay na lang for the CPE or yung promisory letter that I will aquire CPE. After that incident I decided not to renew my Electronics Engineer license at all, sInce hindi ko rin naman siya nagagamit sa current job ko at magastos for me and need ko pang mag alot ng 3 days to attend seminar every year sponsored by IECEP. Mag rerenew na lang ako pag nawala na yang CPE na yan na pinauso ng IECEP na hindi naman ako natulungan para makahanap ng trabaho.

  40. CHIE says:


  41. Renewal of your PRC ID is optional. There is no such thing as Expiration of ECE License. After you passed your ECE board exam you will be given a Certificate of Registration and it does not expire. You are just renewing your PRC ID at PRC office every three (3) years. Your PRC ID is NOT your license to practice. It’s the Certificate of Registration as an ECE/ECT/PECE that gives you the authority to practice.

    Read section 19 of RA9292 to be enlightened:

    SEC. 19. Issuance of the Certificate of Registration and Professional
    Identification Card. – A Certificate of Registration shall be issued to examinees who
    pass the Electronics Engineer and Electronics Technician licensure examination, to
    Electronics Engineers who are registered as Professional Electronics Engineers and to
    Electronics Technicians who are registered without examination, subject to payment
    of fees prescribed by the Commission. The Certificate of Registration shall bear the
    signature of the Chairperson and Members of the Board, stamped with the official
    seal of the Commission and the Board, indicating that the person named therein is
    entitled to practice the profession with all the privileges appurtenant thereto, subject
    to compliance with all applicable requirements. The said certificate shall remain in
    full force and effect until withdrawn, suspended or revoked in accordance with this Act.

    A Professional Identification Card bearing the registration number, date of
    registration, duly signed by the Chairperson of the Commission, shall likewise be
    issued to every registrant who has paid the prescribed fee. This identification card
    will serve as evidence that the holder thereof is duly registered with the Commission.

  42. mbeeyap says:

    Ayoko nang magrenew. wala akong CPE points. 😦

  43. mario cunanan says:

    Bakit pa kelangan ung IECEP, may mapapala ba tayo dun? Mas mahal pa ang renewal nia kesa sa prc id..

    • Teng Feliciano says:

      Greetings to everyone at lalo na sa owner ng blog na to.

      I was reading your comments about the “uselessness” of IECEP. I almost agreed with everyone. Almost.

      We have to remember that running an institution will always entail costs and that includes running the ECE institute. The following are just top of mind areas of costs:

      -IECEP office
      -secretaries and clerks (although nung dumating ako para magbayad for IECEP convention around 530PM eh nakita ko yung isang clerk na nagfa-farmville lang kahit hindi na uso. hahaha!)
      -organize an annual event (IECEP convention)
      -coordination with school chapters (Ilan na ba ang iskwelang nag o-offer ng ECE?)
      -coordination with the government (PRC, city hall)
      -staging of board exam 2x a year

      The problem with IECEP is that they don’t inform us of their activities and operations which is why we think that they are useless.

      The problem with us ECE’s(or EE’s)is that we don’t cooperate with IECEP during activities (eh hindi kasi natin alam eh.)

      At alam naman natin na karamihan sa atin eh ayaw maki cooperate/maki alam sa IECEP for many reasons like:
      -We see IECEP as venue for politicking (nakita nyo naman yung mga picture ng Past Presidents ng Iecep diba? Parang nakinabang sa PDAF diba? hahahaha!)
      -The institute is being run like a government institution (mabagal, mapulitika, baduy)
      -We are busy with our lives (Ganun lang ka-simple)

      The annual IECEP convention will get you 20 CPE points. The renewal cycle of licenses is always 3 years which means we are “virtually” required to attend the convention yearly to earn 60 points.

      Wag na din tayo magreklamo sa IECEP convention fee na Php3,600.00 lalo na kung taon taon eh may bago tayong celphone worth 10k-15k. Lalo na yung mga naka iPhone saka High end Android phones. Ganyan din naman sa ibang professional field. Parang kailangan natin mag-ayos ng priorities diba?

      But I agree with Cesz. Yung training niya for six sigma should be credited kasi Iba ang value ng ECE with six sigma training lalo na kung nasa field ka ng manufacturing. The institute should also provide a clear guide to determine which of the non-electronics related training courses can be credited (Ex, Project management, programming languages like java, rails, php, etc.) Pero kung ang training mo ay Floral Arrangement or cosmetology, wag na natin ipilit yun. 😉

      Bago ako matapos, maghuhugas kamay muna ako. I am not an officer nor related to any office of IECEP. Dalawa na lang yata ang buhay dun sa mga litrato sa pader ng IECEP office eh. =P

      • joms says:

        How about ung ibang training namin with regards sa manufacturing company.. For my situation, i was working in a semicon company (imposibleng hindi ito related sa electronic) and may mga training ako na nakuha.. will this also be credited to CPE points? Pano rin pala ung mga engr’s na pamilyado at hindi sapat na makapunta sa convention at walang pambili ng cellphone every year worth 10K – 15K.. Do you think na makakatulong ang IECEP sa kanila para makahanap ng work which will give a higher salary?

      • hi teng, good point there! ang naisip ko lang, yung mga activites ng IECEP is lahat naman may bayad diba? like sa school org membership, the biannual Licensure exams, annual IECEP conventions, etc.. i mean, maintindihan ko siguro if they would take out all the expenses on us who practice our profession kung libre yung mga activities nila. and since may bayad naman ung mga un, need the other charges on renewing our IDs be that expensive? just saying..

        hopefully the IECEP board would also consider other certifications to be valid even if they are not the ones providing it especially if related naman talaga un sa ECE/EE. this way mapapatunayan nilang di lang pera ang habol nila. yeah 🙂

  44. 2 months parin ba bago makuha yun license?

  45. balahuraz says:

    I-pa Tulfo kaya natin ang IECEP? Hindi ko sila maramdaman sa industry.

  46. Patrick says:

    anybody here na nawala license nya (in my case na holdap ako just a week before mag abroad noong 2005) and it took him/her years to renew??? pareho din ba kaya ang procedure sa mga magrerenew lng na nagexpire???

  47. raul says:

    i just converted my license today nov 27 2013 and will be able to get it after 2 to 3 months. Here is the nice part. I lost my ece card before i was able to renew it. Its expiration was more than 10 years ago. i just went to iecep shaw and showed them my affidavit of lost and old result of my ece board exam result. i told that i want to convert and they only charge me 1300 pesos. next went to prc and got forms for convertion at the customer service. Paid 42 pesos for the stamps and form plus passport picture with nametag , 80 pesos.Dont forget a short brown envelope and a current cedula.Go to window 17 for reassessment. 600 pesos for the conversion plus surcharges for the years of not renewing. As for my license, it cost me 3672 pesos at prc alone. if you have around 5500 with you that would be enough. i finished the whole thing before 3 pm. it was also a hectic day for prc because of the teachers board exam ext. Hope this will help others in this blog. If you are coming from the province just make sure you have a round trip ticket.
    At iecep, you cant get cogs without cpe points. They are very strict. Maybe just get seminars from them every year. nothing much we can do.

  48. Joseph says:

    iecep site seems to be down forever …i,m a fello electronics engr ,,, mine expired last 2010 .. Do you guys have a list of trainings / certifications that IECEP honor for points . TIA !

  49. Chris says:

    Paano nman kami nasa abroad, how can we get CPE points lalo na yearly lang kmi umuuwi?
    My license has expired last October 2013 and ma renew ko lang ito by OCtober 2014 on my vacation.

    My biggest concern is how to avail the CPE points.

    Any ideas and information will be of great help for us.

    • Patrick says:

      Chris, pareho tayo pre… may IECEP dito sa bansa na pinagtatrabahuan ko… pero as usual, kailangan mo pa rin umattend… nakalimutan yata nila na trabaho pinunta natin sa abroad at hindi kng anu-ano pa man… haist… sila nalang mgaka lisensya…

      • I already converted my license to electronics engineer last 2010. Now that my license is expired I need to accumulate 60 CPE points para lang marenew ung license. mahirap naman sa part nating mga nsa industry na may constraint sa schedule mag aatend ng mga trainings. Mahihirapan dito mga nasa industry local at abroad. I hope ung mga company sponsored trainings will be given equal treatment with the IECEP trainings. Sana iaddress ng iecep to kundi ung mga nasa Academe lang may ease na mag renew kasi they have the time to do it. pag nasa industry ka ang hirap mag aatend ng mga trainings para lang sa CPE points

      • mariel says:

        hi aries, tanung ko lng if you already renewed your license? paexpire n rin kc sa kin this month

  50. CJOHN says:

    inalis na nga iyang CPE points na iyan nun binalik na naman. pagkakaperahan na naman ng IECEP iyan kasi kung wala iyan, wala ng aatend sa mga seminars nila…

  51. Paul Ocon says:

    Hello my fellow ECE/EE Engineers,

    I have a little good news and still bad news about the IECEP membership renewal.

    Good News: The required CPE(or CPD) points has been decreased from 60points to 45points. If you paid for the registration fee of 1,300php, they will send to you through LBC the renewed IECEP ID.

    Bad News: You still need to complete the points to get the COGS(Cert of Good Standing) in order to renew your PRC ID. If you are self-directed(nagpacredit lang kasi ako ng mga certs ko like CISCO Certs), you need to pay 30php for each point you gain for the accreditation of your certifaction, seminar, etc… Like for me, I only acquired 20points for 2 Cisco certs meaning I have to pay 600php(30php*20units) to fully accredit the points. Based on what I had read on this blog, hindi ko man lang narinig na namention yung IECEP ID kasi wala naman kwenta un kung ang gusto mo iparenew ay ang PRC ID mo.

    This January 2014 lang pala ako nagpunta sa IECEP FYI. The satellite office of IECEP near PRC(Don Ewan ko Bldg) doesn’t exist anymore but IECEP is the future will have another office near PRC.

    • Donhenry says:

      update lang po, IECEP is now at 7th flr. room 712, CityLand Shaw tower, Shaw blvd. Mandaluyong city.

    • Joseph Angeles says:

      @Paul how did you get your certification accredited for points? I am planning to renew my license anytime this Feb . I recently had 1 Cisco cert and 2 ITIL cert TIA!

    • Cervantes Nicodemus says:

      so Sir Paul Ocon, if wala akong cpe Points meaning eto expenses ko:

      IECEP ID Registration : 1,300
      CPE POINT FOR COGS 45 Points * 30 = 1,350
      PRC ECE ID : 450

      Total : 3,100 pesos

      correct me if i’m wrong, mahal ah. IECEP at CPE lang mahal eh.

  52. Michael Aquino says:

    Any update Kung saan ung bagong office ng iecep..wala na kasi dun sa dati.ung sa harap ng prc..

  53. jaycampillan says:

    balak ko magrenew ece prc license kaso nawala ang prc card ko, magkano ang magpa convert ng ece license to electronics engr., at magkano ang membership ng iecep naging member po ako way back 1996 pa magkano lahat gastusin just to have a new prc i.d.

  54. jaycampillan says:

    tama ba nabasa ko na post ng fellow ece(electronics engrs) P1300.00 IECEP membership,P450 prc renewal,P600 ece conversion to electronics engr., magkano ba ang charges per year kung expired na yung prc i.d.,stamps,charges for mailing etc. para maka set aside din kami budget in order to have a new one regarding sa 60 cpe points ano ba ang latest required pa rin ba lahat nun? kung sakali yung trabaho mo simula naging ece/electronics engr. kay ay related sa kursong natapos like working in tv broadcast and aviation industry in govt. service pwede ba na certification na lng from our employer attesting our current connection with them like in govt. service pwede ba e present yung work certification?

  55. elmer says:

    guys update lang sa location ng iecep here in manila, 2nd flr. unit cmc bldg. 710 san marcelino st. corner ayala blvd. ermita manila, at the back of TUP. or u may call 3530778.. Dyan pweding mag renew ng iecep na requirement to renew ur prc id.

    • khyutee says:

      did you have enough points? or did you just pay?

      • elmer says:

        @ Khyutee, i work abroad so i don’t need to earn points, they only ask may work certificate and passport copy of my last departure and arrival in the Phils. Sorry for late reply..

  56. Paul Ocon says:

    @Joseph Angeles: Go to IECEP head office located at Unit 712 Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd. Cor St. Francis st., Mandaluyong City. If you have IECEP ID the address I think it is posted at the back. Speak to IECEP guys there sabihin mo papacredit ka ng certs mo. Dala ka rin ng picture mo 1×1 ok na ata. You need to submit photocopies of your certs and fill-up the form they will give you. Ipapacredit nila iyon somewhere tapos magsesend sila ng email about sa nacredit na points sa iyo given nagprovide ka ng working e-mail.

    @Cervantes Nicodemus: Pre sure lang ako dun sa IECEP ID Registration fee and CPE Points na halaga. I didn’t bother to continue my PRC ID registration kasi kulang pa ako sa points.

  57. ece9292 says:

    hey fellow eces under ra 9282. paki-correct naman po if tama ba ung understanding ko regarding sa cpe points. so if wala akong na-earn na cpe points dahil wala akong inatendan na seminars and conventions, all i need to do is to pay nalang ung kailangan na 45 points? tama ba? or… kung may na-earn akong points un ung babayaran ko ng ng 30 each… please do reply po. i need to renew na kasi lapit na bday ko… thanks a lot sa magrreply. more power and happy practice

    • kfrancoise says:

      Need mo pa-credit yung mga naattendan mo na trainings (non-IECEP trainings), tapos yung points na na-credit po yung need mo bayaran. If wala ka po yata naattendan na trainings and conventions di ka po makakaearn ng CPE points.

  58. kites182 says:

    nakupow! 2008 pa ako expired (ECE pa ang lisensya ko!!!) dami palang gastos hehehe. sana mawala na yang fees sa IECEP waaa!!!


  60. Ujeen says:

    Baka pde namang bayaran nlng yang cpe points na yan… kung pera pera lang din nmn ang labanan wag na nila tayong pahirapan pa… para tuloy lumalabas na para lang me mapakita silang ginagawa kaya me seminars and training pa kuno… ok lang nmn sakin kahit bayaran nlng para d n maabala.. wala rin nmn kwenta ung continous learning program na yan eh for those who are working already… we just need to learn what we do for work… kung sakali naman lumipat ka ng company un din nmng natutunan mo sa previous company ung gagamitin mo para matanggap ka d ba? kung me gusto ko ka matutunan na iba pde nmn na IGOOGLE d b?.. I got my license 2003 and renewed it 2012 for conversion and all those years d ko nagamit license ko it was merely just a valid ID for me… kung alam ko lang na pag naging EE na mahi2rapan na ko mag renew d ko nlng sana kinonvert.. convert ko nlng pag kailangan ko ng license.. but sadly naconvert ko eh para tuloy feeling ko kumagat ako sa patibong tapos nagbayad pa ako sa gumawa ng patibong.. kinda sucks right? I still have 1 year to enjoy my so called ” Valid ID ” of mine after that if I can’t pay for that CPE points lamunin na nila ung PRC ID na yan…


  62. balahuraz says:

    Ipa Tulfo or Failon ngayon na yang IECEP na yan.. sobra na wala talagang silbi sa industry mga yan.

  63. eceengr says:

    How can we possibly abolish IECEP? We don’t need this entity anyway. We are the ones who studied hard to get our licenses and we deserve to have a proof about this achievement, hence a PRC ID. Pano eaabolish tong IECEP na to??

  64. Bryan says:

    for those sa ga nagparenew, nagagamit niyo pa ba ang mga ECE license niyo ?

  65. Arnel Sabado says:

    my licence expired since 2011 and parang d ko n iniisip n irenew p til andyan ang iecep rules n ssle lalo n sa mga kagaya ko n months lng ang pag stay s pinas dahil sa work abroad. my licence since 2000 at naka pag renenew pa ko 3 times before nagkaroon ng hassle n patakaran ang prc at iecep n yan.

  66. Reko Mambo says:

    Greg says:
    Dapat ibahin na itong paraan ng pag renew ng license,Kasi mahirap mag earn ng points, kasi maramin mga ece na nasa malayo .Sa totoo lang wala namang nagawa itong IECEP sa atin kundi pahirap lang, natural lang sa totoo sa kanila maghanap ng earnings para mabuhay din ang organisasyon na ito kaya todo implementasyon ng cpe kung puwede sana optional nalang ang pag join sa IECEP na to.Wala bang ksamahan nating politiko na mag revised ng paraan na ito kasi karamihan ata sa ating mga ece nagkakaproblema sa IECEP na ito. Bakit hindi natin gayahin din yung ibang mga professional katulad ng civil engineers.Bakit sila nakakapag renew na walang sakit sa ulo.

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