Phantom in Manila Experience

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Event, Show

Remember my blog post about the Phantom of Opera coming here in Manila? Finally, I was able to watch it live at CCP with my sister. Thanks to Ticket World’s Tweet Seat for this wonderful opportunity. Let me first give you a tour outside the show.


At the lobby, there are different kinds of souvenir items being sold. Some of the items being sold are as follows:

Teddy Bear – Php 800
Cap – Php 500
Bracelet – Php 1000
Magnet – Php 300
Poster – Php 200
Necklace – Php 600
Shirt – Php 1000


Phantom of the Opera Souvenir Programs are also available. Forgot how much the souvenir program cost.


At the end of the lobby, below the stair, you may buy food there. However, you cannot bring the food inside the theater. You need to finish it before going inside.

There are advisory, rules and regulation that you should know before entering the theater and observe them while watching the show.

Our seat is at the Parterre Box. It is a perfect place because it is elevated and we can see the whole stage. The show runs approximately 2 and a half hour including the 20 minute break after the All I Ask of You segment.

Now, about the show!

Casts. The casts are talented and gifted. All of them performed their roles perfectly. The singers sang very well and could even reach the highest note. The dancers danced gracefully to the point that I envy them and wished that I could also do ballet.

Backdrop and Stage Design. I was mesmerized how they were able to change the scene from one setting to another. The best backdrop and stage design for me was the part where Christine and Raoul were on the rooftop. The beautiful scenery reflected as if I am on a real rooftop. Another remarkable stage design was when Christine and the Phantom was riding the Gondola. The underground setting was realistic and I was amazed how the Gondola was travelling while the Phantom was rowing. Up to know I’m curious how they were able to let it travel. With their stage setup and designs, they really did transformed  CCP into Paris Opera House.

Costume. At the masquerade, I was able to see the different costumes that are so elegant that made me wanted to own one of them. The wardrobes were carefully picked out to suit each character.

Props and Special Effects. Their props and special effect were so incredible!  We’ve witnessed how the chandelier was raised up and dropped down and how astonishing the elephants moved. Special effects like fire bursts were also present and when the phantom cast it, it’s like magic. The sound effects were also precise  that we can hear the voices’ volume vary and can distinguish who’s voice in the background. The phantoms voice were also heard distinctly in different parts of the theater.

Of course, with great performance like this, I would not think twice why people gave them a standing ovation. So if you haven’t watched the show, what are you waiting for?  Buy your tickets now at

There’s also a ticket outlet just beside the entrance inside CCP. You can still buy tickets on the venue itself.


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  1. reina says:

    hi…i hope you dont mind me asking but did u watch it from the orchestra area (4500/seat)…

  2. Angelica says:

    Congrats for having a great POTO experience. 😉 Btw, how did you became a TweetSeater? 😉 I am really curious about it. Thanks!

  3. Hannah says:

    Great post! Excited to watch Phantom of the Opera though September 29 is still a few weeks away. Thanks for the photo on the theater rules. Been asking around but no one seems to know about the no photos during the show rules, etc. Thanks again!

  4. Justin says:

    Which parterre box exactly were you seated at? Thanks.

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