Daily Reflection: 365 Days with the Lord Diary

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Book
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Last December, I went to several Saint Paul branches near my home to look for a copy of 365 Days of the Lord Diary. Unfortunately, all copies were sold out, even the once being sold at our parish.

I contacted the Saint Paul Online to inquire if they still have available copies. They replied quickly informing me that they do not have any more copy of 365 Days with the Lord on any of their branches here at NCR but they were waiting for the provincial branches if they can send their remaining copies (if there’s any) here at NCR.

After they confirmed that some copies will be arriving here, I immediately asked them to reserve me a copy. And last week, I went to their main branch, Superstore, to pick it up.

365 Days with the Lord Diary 2010-2013 365 Days with the Lord Diary

Inside the diary, you can fill up your basic info,

Owner Page and Message from the Publisher

and see 2013 at a glance, which includes Philippine legal holidays and important liturgical days.

2013 at a Glance

The main content of the diary are the daily reflections. For Sundays, First Reading, Responsorial Psalm Response, Second Reading and Gospel for the day are written followed by a reflection which you can ponder upon. For weekdays and Saturdays, just the gospel and the reflections are written in the diary.

Gospel Reading Reflection

Each month is also themed with different colors.

Different Colors per Month

The diary cost P260 each.

How to go to Saint Paul Bookstore (Red Star in the image below)?


– Ride a jeepney with “PRC” route (red line in the picture) at LRT1 Gil Puyat Station. Drop off at Bagtikan Street (black arrow in the picture) then walk towards Saint Paul Road (green line in the picture).

If you wish to purchase a copy, you may inquire at Saint Paul Bookstore Online by filling up the form here.

ST PAULS Superstore
7708 St. Paul Road, San Antonio Village,
1203 Makati City,
Tels. (02) 896-6702 / 895-6861
Trunk line: 895-9701-04 loc. 219-221
Website: http://www.stpauls.ph/
Facebook: St Pauls Online
Twitter: ST PAULS

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