The Original AA BBQ Guadalupe Cebu

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Food
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While browsing the internet where to eat in Cebu, The Original AA BBQ is one of the top favorite restaurants being listed. I immediately search for the nearest branch from our hotel.  Luckily, there’s one AA BBQ branch that is near, as in walking distance, from our place – AA Guadalupe.

ImageAA BBQ Branches

AA BBQ Guadalupe MapAA BBQ Guadalupe Map


View of AA BBQ from across the street

AA BBQ Menu2 AA BBQ Menu

AA BBQ Restaurant

AA BBQ Restaurant Dine in

I read from some blog reviews that pork bbq is one of their best seller but I just ate pork last night and I wanted to try out seafoods instead. Here’s what I ordered:

Baked ScallopsBaked Scallops – P110

Their baked scallops are just like normal baked scallops.

CalamaresCalamares – P230

One of their best sellers is Calamares. Dipped it with catsup and I can say it was really delicious.

Tortang TalongTortang Talong – P85

This is one of the best tortang talong I’ve ever tasted. I recommend that you also try this one.

And not in the picture to complete the meal is rice which cost P10 per cup.

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