Island Hopping From Bantayan Island to Virgin Island in Cebu

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Adventure, Travel
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It was a pretty long ride from Cebu City to Bantayan Island , so by the time we arrived at our resort, it was already late afternoon. We just relaxed and explored the resort because  we will lack time if we still pursued island hopping that same day.  While exploring the resort near the entrance, some locals were asking if we want to go island hopping at a rate of Php 600 for 4 pax. Althought the resort we stayed-in’s rate was Php 1200  for 4-5 pax, I was able to bargain the price for Php 1000.  Snorkeling gears were also available for rent at Php 75 per piece aside from the boat price.

Beach Placid Bantayan Island Hopping Rates

The following day, we rode a medium-sized “motorized bangka” to Virgin Island. No worries becuase lifevests were available inside the bangka and shade against the sun was also present.

Virgin Island Shore View

Travel time from our resort to Virgin Island took us around 30 mins. From afar, we can already see the white sandy beach of Virgin Island.

Virgin Island Up Close

The island was not yet fully developed. There were cottages scattered on the side of the beach and several houses for caretakers. No restaurants where you can order food but a small sari-sari store was available for snacks and drinks.

Virgin Island Left

Virgin Island Center


Sea shells were all over the beach. Snorkeling near the shore, we can already see fishes swimming and corals. No need to swim further to the deeper part of the sea.

  Virgin Island Volleyball Court


Entrance fee at Virgin Island was P500 up to 5 people, then P50 per head in excess. When I read their rates, I wondered what “Exists” was. Later then I realized, it should be excess. haha 😉




Cottages were available for day trippers at Php 100 each where you can leave your things.

Virgin Island Cottages

Coconuts were also sold at Php 50 each.

 Virgin Island Coconut

Before we left our resort, we bought crabs and fish for our lunch. We ask our boat man to cook it for us. Rice and condiments were available at the store.


Update from Julie (see comment section): The entrance fee in Virgin Island is Php500 for 2 persons and Php100 per excess. Cottage is Php 300.00 and our snorkeling set cost Php100. each.

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  1. Eds says:

    Thanks for the post, it is informative as I am planning to go in Bantayan Island and check on Virgin Island too. 🙂

  2. julie says:

    Love your post! We went there last Friday up to yesterday. The entrance fee in Virgin Island is Php500 for 2 persons and Php100 per excess. Cottage is Php 300.00 and our snorkeling set cost Php100. each. There was a drastic change:)It’s summa!

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