Travel Guide: How to Go to Potipot Island via Public Transportation

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Adventure, Travel
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Potipot Island is located roughly about 1 km away from the mainland shore of Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales. If you are on tight budget, it is still best that you plan your trip on your own and avoid getting packages.

Potipot Island Zambales


How did we get there?

First, I asked Victory Liner if they have trips from Pasay (since I live near Victory Liner Pasay Terminal)  to Zambales. Some schedules are not listed on their website so it is better to ask them personally via call or twitter. And Yes! They are active in twitter and they responded to all my queries. 😀

Schedule from Pasay to Iba Zambales

After getting confirmation from them, on the day of our trip, we went to the terminal an hour earlier before the 1st trip leaves, to buy our ticket. To avoid queuing in long lines, you may reserve your tickets online in their website.


Ticket fare from Pasay to Iba Zambales costs Php357 per head.
Victory Liner Ticket Fare from Pasay to Iba Zambales

If your desired trip ticket is already sold out, you can purchase the next available trip ticket and then fall in line to be a chance passenger for earlier trip departure. If there are still available seat for sold out tickets, they allow chance passengers to board.

Chance Passenger Victory Liner Pasay

Board the bus with the bus number same as written on your ticket. Some buses have free wi fi 😀
 Victory Liner Bus to Iba

Before our bus left, a guard gets on board to inspect if nothing was suspicious.

Guard Roaming on Board

Our bus left exactly at 5:00 AM. Our travel time from Victory Liner Pasay to Iba Zambales was 5 hrs and 20 mins. Below’s a snapshot of where we are at certain times:

Detailed Time Going to Iba Zambales

Please refer to the picture above for the “points”.

At  6:30 AM, we were already at point 1.  At 7:20 AM, we were at Point 2 where we had our first stopover for those who wants to buy food and for a restroom break.

Some of the food stalls available at our first stopover.

After 15 minutes, we departed. At 8:30 AM, we were at Olongapo (Point 3). At 9:20 AM, we were at San Antonio (Point 4) and at around 10:20 AM, we are already Iba Zambales Victory Liner Bus Stop (Point 5).

Then, we rode the bus going to Sta Cruz and ask the conductor to drop us at Dawal Beach Resort, Candelaria.

Victory Liner Terminal Iba Zambales

Victory Liner Bus Schedule from Iba to Manila

Victory Liner Bus to Sta Cruz

Ticket fare from Iba to Dawal Beach Resort Bus Stop at Candelaria Zambales costs Php69 per head.
Victory Liner Ticket Fare from Iba to Candelaria Zambales

Here’s a snapshot of our trip:

Detailed Time Going to Candelaria from Iba Zambales

At 10:37 AM, the bus left the depot. At 10:55 AM, we were at point 2. At 11:35 AM, we were at point 3 and at 11:47 AM, were already at Dawal Beach Resort Candelaria Bus Stop.

You will see this sign board at the bus stop.

There are tricycles waiting at the bus stop. You may prefer to walk toward Dawal Beach Resort or hire a tricycle that cost Php 30 per tricycle.

Dawal Beach Resort

At Dawal Beach Resort, rent a boat going to Potipot Island. Each boat rental costs Php 400 that can accommodate 6-7 persons. The boat has no shade so be sure to put your sunblock on before leaving.


After 5-10 minute boat ride, we were at Potipot Island. Inform the boat man what time you will be picked up.

Entrance fee at the island is Php 100 per head for day trips and Php 300 per head for overnight stay.









Potipot Island Tree Top

Setting up our tent:

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

We chose not to stay overnight on the island. Click the link to know where did we stay?

You might also want to drop by The Coffee Shop Restaurant Home of the Jumbo Tacos.

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  1. Mommy Maye says:

    I really missed travelling through bus. Thank you for sharing this trip of yours. Parang nagtravel na din ako minus the pagod. Haha

  2. Edna Mendoza says:

    This is a great post, very detailed! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Thanks, very helpful post,

  4. Paolo Zap says:

    Is there a souvenir store?

  5. Cherie Gonzales says:

    This is the best travel guide to Potipot so far! Thanks! I’m planning to go there with my friends around Feb next year but we prefer a DIY approach instead of getting a tour package.

    Do you have any idea how much the tree-top cottage costs? Or at least an ordinary cottage?

    Thanks in advance and may you have more happy travels:-)

  6. inday says:

    This is so very helpful! Thank you very much 🙂

  7. chepie says:

    wow! very detailed.. thanks for the info

  8. mharck says:

    Very much informative and detailed informations….

  9. Bernice Ann Bustillo says:

    Is there a hotels or transients available there for the guests that will stay overnight?

  10. Chan says:

    very helpful dude!

  11. john says:

    hi, many thanks sa tip about pitipot travel..

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