Villa Valerio Zambales

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Adventure, Travel
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Before heading to Potipot Island, I searched for a place where my friends and I can stay because I don’t have a plan to sleep at Potipot Island. I didn’t make any reservation prior and was hoping that there would still be a vacant room at any of the resorts near Potipot Island. I tried my chance at Dawal Beach Resort, Harvest Beach Resort, Sun Bloom Resort and Isla Vista but they were all fully booked.

Resort Near Potipot Island

Luckily, Villa Valerio still has vacant room that can accommodate me and my friends in a single room.

Villa Valerio Zambales Gate


The Reception

The room is good for 6-10 persons and cost Php 3500 per night. It is already fully air conditioned.



Immediately outside the room is the restroom. Aside from this one, they also have a common restroom for all located near the reception.

Villa Valerio Zambales RestRoom  ???????????????????????????????

   They also have a kiddie pool. If you want an adult pool, you may go to Dawal Beach Resort and pay Php 120 to use their pool.


Here’s a view of the room


   Villa Valerio Zambales Barkada Room   ???????????????????????????????

They don’t have any restaurant. The nearest restaurant is at Dawal Beach Resort.

I still advice you to make reservations at other Beach Resorts near Potipot Island if you don’t want to stay over night at Potipot Island.

How to go to Potipot Island?

Villa Valerio
0932 766 6700

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