The Coffee Shop Restaurant Home of the Jumbo Tacos Olongapo City

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Food
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Before heading to Manila from our Potipot Island Trip, we made a stop over at Olongapo City’s to eat our lunch at The Coffee Shop Restaurant. The Coffee Shop Restaurant is known for their famous Jumbo Tacos.

The Coffee Shop Olongapo

Finding this restaurant is not that hard because it is located near the main road and along the route of the Victory Liners from Iba going to Manila. And on the left side of the road going back to Manila, when you see this establishment, alight the bus.


The Interior  

The Coffee Shop Home of the Jumbo Tacos Olongapo Interior

True to their claims, they really serve jumbo tacos. This Taco Salad cost Php 130 that is good for 2 persons already.

Taco Salad

We also ordered 3pcs chicken with rice (Php 175), club sandwich with fries (Php 165) and nilagang baka (Php 195).

3 Pcs Chicken


Burger Close up

Close up look at the clubhouse sandwich


Not only are their tacos huge but as you can see in the pictures, the other dishes as well.

Frozen Iced Tea

Frozen Iced Tea cost Php 75.

The prices for me are reasonable enough for these dishes you don’t get to eat everyday and considering their serving sizes are really huge.


The Coffee Shop Restaurant
#2 Rizal St. cor. National Hi-Way Bo. Barretto, 2200 Olongapo City, Philippines
(047) 222 453

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  1. eLLa (r) says:

    Just the “Jumbo Tacos” caught my attention. I’m sure to visit that once I got the chance .

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