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In 1921, Frederick R. Barnard once said that ‘A picture paints a thousand words’. These words can evoke emotions that can make you happy, sad, sentimental, excited, relaxed or stressed out.  That is why images surrounding you play a significant role in setting your mood. Carefully choosing what canvas prints of appropriate size to mount on your walls can give you a certain emotional quality.


Treasure your memories and turn your photos into distinct works of art and let them stand out instead of fitting in, have it printed digitally on a canvas!

KANVAS is a team of avid printers and designers who have passion for simplistic sophistication. They connect the need for a great frame to match your perfect photos and change your walls by accessorizing it thru canvas and stickers.  Their company offers personalized canvas printing and other wall decorations including wall clocks. They also partner with freelance photographers to sell their photos thru Kanvas.

Kanvas clock

 See some of their works here:

Kanvas Pic 1

Kanvas Pic 2

Kanvas Pic 3

Kanvas Pic 4

Kanvas Pic 5

How to order:

* inquire via email
* text /call Vermont (09175912347), Martin (09175997724), Mark (09175410815)
* printing will be finished within a week using standard wooden frame sizes
* custom wooden frame sizes for Kanvas are available but will be quoted separately. At most 1-2 weeks to finish.
* delivery via meet-up at agreed time and location (Las Pinas area) or shipping based on shipping company quote

Kanvas pricing sintra board

Kanvas pricing

* All photos posted here  are from Kanvas Inc *


Website –
Facebook – Kanvas
Instagram – @kanvasph
Retail –

But wait there’s more.. They’re giving away 12×12 Kanvas of your chosen picture for free.

Promo mechanics:

1. Open to Metro Manila residents only.
2. Like Khyutee on Duty Facebook Page
3. Follow @JCnQT on Twitter
4. Like KANVAS Facebook page and/or follow @kanvasph on Instagram

5. Post a photo on Kanvas Facebook Page and/or upload a photo in Instagram
– In the photo caption, explain what your photo is about and tell everyone why it is best on a #kanvas print! Tag @Kanvas and @Khyutee on Duty on Facebook or @kanvasph on Instagram in the post.
(e.g. “My wedding moment is best on a #kanvas! The best way to preserve and display my wedding memories is printing it on a kanvas! @Kanvas @Khyutee On Duty”)

6. The Kanvas team will like your photo on Facebook or Instagram to acknowledge your entry. If you posted your photo and the picture is not yet liked by the Kanvas team, please let me know so that I can follow it up from them
7. Comment below your name and email address so that I would know you joined the contest.
8. The Kanvas team will choose the best entry on July 31, 2013 and the chosen winner will win a free 12×12 Kanvas.
9. Announcing the winner’s name will be posted in my facebook page/twitter.
10. Winner will be contacted separately via email and must send a high resolution 12×12 photo for printing. Meetups to be aligned separately.


Goodluck to everyone!

[8/6] Update: Announcing the winner of this giveaway…
Congratulations to Van Cruz-Gabasa!
You just won a 12×12 canvas print! Please PM Kanvas Team in Facebook so they can discuss how you can claim your prize.

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  1. wish this is open to all…

  2. Name: Ann Cagalingan Valdez
    E-mail address:

  3. reese says:

    saw other photos at FB page and love all the work, the price seems inexpensive

  4. Glenda says:

    Great work., just that I live far from Metro Manila.

  5. max says:

    liked your FB, as well as kanvas, follow you also on twiiter
    i would join sana, kaya lang di ko madecide ang photo for FB eh, hahaha

  6. Marie says:

    ganda!I think some of the pics are from ilocos? too bad i cant join. I am from baguio

  7. Tondo Girl says:

    yayyy sayang I can’t join. but will definitely check their services ang dami kong good picture na masaganda ipa frame and why not turn into a canvass.

  8. tet says:

    aaaww.. i’m from Pampanga 😦

  9. KRIZZA says:

    Will try to visit the site. But I’m not from Metro Manila, so maybe not possible to order. 🙂

  10. Gerilen says:

    joined! crossing me fingers! 🙂

  11. their prices are very reasonable! thanks for letting us know about this 🙂

  12. Farida says:

    The room will definitely be more elegant with that on the wall. Ang galing and it’s affordable too 🙂 Will look through the site you’ve posted. Thanks!

  13. JanzCrystalz says:

    This is cool! I should check out the website and try it! 🙂

  14. Allan says:

    wish that this is also open to province near manila like Bulacan.

  15. wow, this is lovely. i joined sis. hope to win, hihi!

    Vanessa C. Gabaza

  16. Kat says:

    Last week, I was searching the internet for services that will print photo on canvas. Wow. Glad I found your blog through BC bloggers!

  17. eLLa (r) says:

    I like my photo on kanvas. I’ll join later.

  18. Huhu sayang, I’m from Davao. I wish the contest was open for all. 😦

  19. Interesting concept! Better promote as early as now… since this will become useful come December for gift giving. 😀

  20. Chin chin says:

    Nice giveaway. I will try to join. I have to look for a good photo first.

  21. Kristine says:

    sayang naman it’s for Manila residents only. This is really great sana!

  22. This is one nice giveaway. Well try to join this later on.

  23. Nice portfolio. I’ll see if I can join =)

  24. Wow! This is a nice giveaway, I like all the paintings, very Filipino!

  25. What an awesome idea… I love it and would reference it when I need to. 😉
    Thank you,

  26. krish garcia says:

    Name: Krishy Garcia

    Email Address:

    Thank you for this opportunity! Hope to win..!! I really love pictures specially printing on a Kanvas! I would love to received this as my b-day gift hahah.. Thanks and Godbless!

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