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Posted: August 28, 2013 in Contest, Freebies
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Remember my previous post about Kanvas? They now have this new product – the kanvas clock. Kanvas is changing the way clocks should be made. 12×12 Kanvas clocks are available at Php1,500 each.

Kanvas clock

Great news! You can have a kanvas clock for free!!! Kanvas team is giving away 12×12 Kanvas Clock with your chosen image as background for free!!!
Just follow the mechanics below.


1. Open to ALL with Philippine address.

2. Like Khyutee on Duty and KANVAS Facebook page

3. Follow @JCnQT and @MyneInc on Twitter

4. Follow @kanvasph on Instagram

5. Post a SQUARE photo on Kanvas Facebook Page and/or upload a photo in Instagram
Include a caption to explain your timeless moment and do not forget to include the hashtag #kanvasclock! Tag @Kanvas and @Khyutee on Duty on Facebook or @kanvasph on Instagram in the post.
(e.g. ”Whenever and however you finally found one another, family is forever #kanvasclock @Kanvas @Khyutee on Duty ”)

6. The Kanvas team will like your photo on Facebook or Instagram to acknowledge your entry. If the photo you posted is not yet liked by the Kanvas team after a day of your submission, please let me know so that I can follow it up from them

7. Deadline of submission of entry will be on September 30, 2013. The Kanvas team will deliberate and choose the best entry. The chosen winner will win a free 12×12 Kanvas clock.

8. I will announce the winner on my facebook page/twitter the following week.

9. Winner will be contacted separately and must send a high resolution 12×12 photo for printing.

Note: Kanvas team or the winner will have to redesign the winning photo to include the numbers of the clock. Meetups to be aligned separately. Winners outside Metro Manila must shoulder shipping cost. 


Goodluck to everyone!

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  1. Jhari says:

    I like this project. It’s nice to customized it of course especially that you can choose any background photo. Test our photography skills for that hehehe!

  2. verabear says:

    Uyyyy interesting! But we don’t have a nice wall for a Kanvas clock, I think. hehe. But goodluck! And did you just change your blog layout? Nice.

  3. Melgie says:

    Great giveaway, love to have one of this..:) good luck to all the participants

  4. another creative idea for gift-giving. thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, nice giveaway! Will join 🙂

  6. eliz frank says:

    It’s been a while but I’m connecting with our bc bloggers again. This sounds like a fun giveaway. I’m in the US so I won’t qualify. Best to all.

  7. tet says:

    Great giveaway. I would like to join if given the time. 🙂

  8. This is awesome! This would be a perfect match to the canvas portraits that we just received! Is the giveaway open worldwide?

  9. sanna says:

    This is such a cute way of designing a clock. They dont only look unique, they look elegant as well.

  10. Lovely looking clock… good luck to all who takes part in the giveaway.

  11. Maan says:

    What a nice item! It’s unique, ha. Will try to join in the following days!

  12. Yhey Garcia says:

    Oh, i like the look of the Clock! 🙂 Good luck to all who joined!!!

  13. Van says:

    Wiii, another giveaway! I just won your recent kanvas giveaway. Until now, I still couldn’t get over my prize, i love how you our family portrait looks like on canvas. Thank you!

  14. Cool clock! Good luck to all joiners! 😀

  15. Mylene says:

    Good luck to your contest. I hope many will join and participate 🙂

  16. Aby says:

    i joined this giveaway last time but i forgot to post it on the instagram.. i will join again and will follow all the instruction this time

  17. Chin chin says:

    Great personalized gift idea. I’ll see if I have a very good photo that’s worth printing on canvas that I can use to join the contes.

  18. Ahhh…I wanna join, but i want to have a photo submitted na kumpleto kaming tatlo as a family…I hope it’s still open when hubby comes home.

  19. Allan says:

    Nice giveaway. I’ll try to go back here an join…

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