Customize Your Own Pizza at Project Pie

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Food
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After we did our ocular visit at Valle Verde 5, we went to the Project Pie to have our lunch. And by the time we reached the Pizzeria, the seats were already limited. Project Pie is a place where you can customize your own pizza and add unlimited toppings base on your preference.



IMG_1842    IMG_1837

Upon entering the pizzeria, aside from the warm greetings of the guard, you will see their huge menu displayed on a board. They also have a hard copy of the menu in a brown paper which the guard will hand over to you or you can get it on your own in a container just beside this huge board.


Here’s a view of their counter where you will place your order and have your pizza customized.


Here’s a guide on how to order:

1. The staff will place the dough in a machine and it will be mechanically pressed to form a circular shaped pizza.


2. You can order by number or build your own pizza.

– Only Classic Cheese Pie is Php245 but when you order the other numbers or you build your own pizza, the amount is P285. With this, you can already add unlimited toppings of your choice.


3. You can also choose to have white pizza or with red sauce.


4. Base from what you number you order, except for #1 classic cheese, toppings will be added to your dough. You can add additional toppings on top of the toppings listed on your selected number.


They have a variety of toppings you can choose from.



5. At the far end of the counter, a staff is listing what toppings you added. You will also tell the staff for any additional order you want, like salad, and she will also list it in a separate paper together with your name.


6. After all your toppings are listed, the staff will give you the paper. You will surrender this paper at the cashier.


7. Pay for your pizza. You can also order your refreshments here. For any softdrinks you ordered, it is already bottomless.


8. If you ordered for a softdrinks, the cashier will hand you a cup, then you fill it in the soda dispenser on your own.


They also serve cold beer.


And here’s what we ordered:

– Ceasar Salad
– #2 and we added some toppings: mushroom, bacon, parmesan, grilled chicken
– Classic Cheese Pie

9. After payment, wait for your name to be called.

10. Enjoy your PIZZA!!! 🙂

When you’re done, you need to clean your own table – trays and trash to the dumpsite.


Picture taking is also available through their iPad hanging from the wall and have the picture posted in their instagram account. Only their iPad has internet access. The pizzeria is not wifi ready yet.


Overall, I like the idea of building my own pizza because I’m really picky when eating pizza toppings. One pizza is already heavy in the stomach and good for 2 persons already. Well, it really depends on your appetite but an appetite like mine, I can’t finish one whole pizza.

Project Pie
515 Shaw Blvd., 1555 Laurel Street corner Shaw Blvd., Wack Wack, Mandaluyong.
Phone (02) 650 0925
Facebook: Project Pie PH
Twitter: Project Pie PH
Store hours: Everyday from 10am to 10pm.

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