Travel Guide: How to Go To Boracay Island from Caticlan Airport with Pictures

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Adventure, Travel
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 Happy Easter everyone! This is a very very late post. You will see in the pictures below, the dates were dated last February. Anyway, it is better late than never. 🙂

I’m posting this entry to serve as a guide to tourist who will be going to Boracay via Caticlan. I know there are already a lot of articles  related to this post, but this post will be a more detailed post with pictures. 🙂


Boracay Island


From [1]Godofredo P. Ramos Airport to [2]Caticlan Jetty Port


Boracay Airport

Upon landing at Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, we entered the arrival area where we waited for our check-in luggage.

Caticlan Arrival Area

While waiting for our luggage, we were asked to register first at the counter. Only one person needs to register per group.

After we got registered and got our luggage, we went outside. Just across the street is the tricycle stand.

Caticlan Tricycle Stand

Boracay Tricycle and Boat Fare Rate


We first paid PHP 50 for the tricycle ride going to Caticlan Jetty Port, PHP 75/pax for the environmental fee & admission fee and PHP 25/pax for the boat fare, then travelled to Caticlan Jetty Port.


From [2]Caticlan Jetty Port to [3]Boracay Jetty Port


Boracay Jetty Port




At the Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal, we still paid PHP100/pax for the terminal fee before proceeding to the docking area.

Boracay Jetty Port Payment Window

Boat departs once it is full.



From [3]Boracay Jetty Port to [4]Hotel

At the Boracay Jetty Port, we rented a tricycle going to our hotel located at D’Mall. We paid PHP 100 for this ride.

Boracay Tricycle Stand

Disclaimer: This post is based from what I experienced last February ’14. Rates may vary if you are viewing this post at a future date.

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  1. ceemee says:

    That’s the kind of boat we rode on going to Puerto Galera. It was so hot and I felt dizzy, good thing the little ones did not throw up.

  2. Melgie says:

    I never been to Boracay and I always wanted to go there, Thanks for your blog it would be much easier for me get there.

  3. Ida says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. Maan says:

    Just dropping in to say belated happy birthday! 🙂

  5. sikat101 says:

    I have never been to Boracay. Will need this guide one day. Dami pala babayaran. 😦

  6. I’ve been to Boracay like 6 years ago and completely forgot how we managed our trip. This post will help in planning our next trip in Boracay in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  7. that is very helpful especially for first time boracay visitors or haven’t gone to the island for a long time. thank you very much,

  8. Thank you foe this guide and hope we can travel to Boracay one of these days 🙂

  9. Allan says:

    Hope to visit this place too. But some say there are beach better than boracay now.

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