Travelling to Brisbane from Manila via Singapore Airlines Part 1

Posted: April 9, 2015 in Adventure, Australia, Travel
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The purpose of this blog post is to document my journey so that in the future I have something to reminisce about. My flight was from Manila to Brisbane with a stop over at Singapore, both trips were via Singapore Airlines. For Part 1, I’ll be blogging about my trip to Singapore.

This is my first time to fly to Australia and the reason I’ll be flying was because the company I’m working for sent me to work in Brisbane. The model of the plane I rode going to Singapore was Boeing 777-200 Passenger. I was seated at the economy section of the plane. The number of seats for most of the rows are 2-3-2. Two seats on both sides and 3 seats at the middle.


Foot rest are available at the bottom of each seats.


At the back of each head rest, is a tv screen where passengers can watch movies or tv shows, listen to music, track the flight status or play interactive games.

IMG_1571 IMG_1565

The controller is placed at the side of the arm rest of each seats. Each seat also have a pillow and an earphone.

IMG_1567  IMG_1572

The manual on how to use the remote controller can be found inside the Krisworld magazine located just below the screen.

IMG_1592  IMG_1593

Inside the magazine, some facts about the Singapore Airlines including plane details and crew guide are written.

IMG_1597 IMG_1596

Listed inside the magazine are the games, movies and tv shows  available for that flight.

IMG_1594 IMG_1576

Before we took off, a video about airplane safety instruction was played in all screens. Although video was already played, safety information manual can still be found inside the pockets of the seat in front of you.

IMG_1582 IMG_1581


Hot towels and the menu for the day are also being distributed by the flight attendant to all passengers.


IMG_1586 IMG_1587

During my flight, the food served was for dinner time. I chose Pan Fried Chicken with Lemon Garlic Sauce, Vegetable and Mashed Potato.




The total duration of my flight is 3hrs and 30 mins and I was able to track it while on board.

IMG_1617That’s it for now. Part 2 of this blog post will be about my trip from Singapore to Brisbane.

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