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While in Brisbane, I live at Oaks Lexicon Apartments. I rode a taxi from airport going here and the fare was around $50. Let me give you a tour to my apartment. For security reasons, the front doors to the lobby entrance are locked between 10pm and 6am daily. Building access, the black circular shaped attached to the keys, are required to enter during those hours.


Luckily, I arrived 11 in the morning. I paid first for the rent and the receptionist handed me the keys to my apartment. Payments can be made by cash, credit card or EFTPOS. All credit card payments will incur a service fee of 1.5%. If guests arrived between 10pm and 6am, special check in arrangement is made.


The key with an orange mark (picture above) is the key to my apartment while the other one is the key for the gym. Not all guests have the key for the gym. The receptionist asked me if I will use the gym facilities and I said yes that why he gave me a key.Two sets of keys for the apartment are available but I chose to keep only one so that in case I got lock out, I can ask for the duplicate from them. Lost keys will have a fee of $300 per set. The same black circular shaped attached to the keys will be used to access your floor at the lift.



This is the view at the entrance – dining table then the living room. Local free to air channels are available and are free of charge to view. Foxtel channels are also available, a switch AV Channel to is required. Only 25 Foxtel channels are available for free viewing.

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Dining and cooking utensils, dish washing stuffs and some appliances are available for free usage.


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IMG_2216 IMG_2215


The electrical outlet operates at 240V. International adaptor are available at the reception but subject to availability.


Washing machine, dryer, laundry detergent and ironing materials are also present.



The bed is big and comfortable to sleep in. If the bed has personal items on them during housekeeping, it will not be made. They have 2 kinds of house keeping. First is the daily service which includes rubbish removal, place dishes in dishwashers, wipe over kitchen, spot vacuum, replace towels and clean bathroom, make bed with existing linen. Second is the full service that happens one a week. It includes daily service with linen change, full vacuum and cleaning the apartment.


The television inside the room has local channels only unlike the one in the living room.


The bathroom has towels and some toiletries. Towels that require laundering should be placed on the floor on the day of housekeeping. Hair dryer can be found at the storage below the sink.


IMG_2223 IMG_2221

The apartment has an intercom that is connected to the intercom at the building entrance. To open the entrance door at the lobby for visitors, just press the door release button. This will also allow the visitor to access the lift to your floor. Visitors can contact you by simply keying the room number followed by the bell button at the entrance.


Swimming pool, BBQ area and gym facilities are located at the fourth floor. Operating hours are from 6:30am to 9:30 am daily.

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Oaks Lexicon Apartments

347 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
P (07)32224999
F (07)32214921
E folexicon@theoaksgroup.com.au

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