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After we did our ocular visit at Valle Verde 5, we went to the Project Pie to have our lunch. And by the time we reached the Pizzeria, the seats were already limited. Project Pie is a place where you can customize your own pizza and add unlimited toppings base on your preference.



IMG_1842    IMG_1837

Upon entering the pizzeria, aside from the warm greetings of the guard, you will see their huge menu displayed on a board. They also have a hard copy of the menu in a brown paper which the guard will hand over to you or you can get it on your own in a container just beside this huge board.



I searched for lists of top restaurants to dine in Baguio and the results always include Café by the Ruins. The results also showed that the prices of the food here are quite expensive but still I decided that I should try it out.


The restaurant is easy to find. You can never miss out the neon green signage of their restaurant.



What I like most about this place, aside from the food, is that even if their restaurant is open, meaning fies can go in and out of the restaurant freely, I didn’t even see any flies flying near our food. They have lighted a candle in the middle of the table that prevents flies from flying near us.




Included with our stay at the Azalea Residences are complimentary buffet breakfast for 2 persons at the Tradisyon Restaurant, located in the lobby. It cost P500 per pax, if you don’t have complimentary buffet breakfast or for additional person exceeding 2 with complimentary breakfast included with your stay. Allow me to show you their restaurant and the food they served during our stay.

Tradisyon Azalea Residences Baguio

Serving of buffet breakfast was until 10 AM only. On the left side of the entrance of the restaurant is a table set up for cooking Omelettes.



From the previous post I mentioned that we were avoiding areas that has number coding in effect that’s why we headed to Mines View Park first. We arrived at Mines View Park around noon and decided to eat at Cora’s Restaurant.


Upon entering the restaurant, different kinds of native products and “pasalubong” were being sold. The staff approached and directed us to our table.




King Chef Dimsum Promo at Banawe QC

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Food

The first time I dined in at King Chef Restaurant was with my Aunt. She introduced this restaurant to me and after dining here, I told myself that I would definitely go back because the food we ate was really delicious and they are offering discounted prices during off peak hours.

King Chef Dimsum Kitchen Banawe

King Chef Dimsum Kitchen Restauran

So last Saturday, I went back to King Chef Restaurant with a couple of my friends to celebrate my birthday in advance. We went there around 3pm, just in time for the afternoon dimsum promo.

Dimsum Cart

Congee Cart


Before heading to Manila from our Potipot Island Trip, we made a stop over at Olongapo City’s to eat our lunch at The Coffee Shop Restaurant. The Coffee Shop Restaurant is known for their famous Jumbo Tacos.

The Coffee Shop Olongapo

Finding this restaurant is not that hard because it is located near the main road and along the route of the Victory Liners from Iba going to Manila. And on the left side of the road going back to Manila, when you see this establishment, alight the bus.


The Interior  


I always taught that “Shabu Shabu” is a Chinese dish but when I search the net, it is actually a Japanese dish… From Wikipedia, Shabu-shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ , also spelled shyabushyabu?is a Japanese dish. The term is an onomatopœia, derived from the sound emitted when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot.

Healthy Shabu Shabu is one of the famous shabu shabu restaurants that is easily accessible to the people because of its branches locations are  inside the malls.

Healthy Shabu Shabu



While browsing the internet where to eat in Cebu, The Original AA BBQ is one of the top favorite restaurants being listed. I immediately search for the nearest branch from our hotel.  Luckily, there’s one AA BBQ branch that is near, as in walking distance, from our place – AA Guadalupe.

ImageAA BBQ Branches

AA BBQ Guadalupe MapAA BBQ Guadalupe Map