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A while ago, while watching Bubble Gang, they had this segment “Gay Scout”. I found it very funny and I want to share it with you.


The Gay Scout’s Oath

On my honor, Miss Nora Aunor
I will do my best, to be the best actress
To do my duty, to all and to my beautiful country of 7100 island the Philippines
And to obey the gay’s scouts law
To help other men at all times
To keep myself physically attractive, mentally girly, and morally gay

The Gay Scout’s Law

A gay scout is trustworthy
Loyal and faithful
Facebook friendly
Financially Smart
Always beautiful
Happy and Gay

The Gay Scout’s Motto

Ang Gay Scout ay Laging Ganda

Bubble Gang

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A funny picture I saw posted on the internet. This picture compares an Employee and a Maid work, salary and savings.