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Kiehl’s Greenbelt Branch

I’ve read a lot of good blog reviews about Kiehl’s from beauty bloggers . Honestly, I’ve never been to this establishment before so I decided to check out the store. I asked my sister to accompany me, since we both have a BDJ coupon each that entitled us for 3 complimentary sample products and a free skin care consultation. We decided to claim it together last weekend at Greenbelt 5 branch.

Kiehl Reception Greenbelt

Kiehl’s Commitment
– Efficacious skin and hair care at a great value
– Clinically proven formulas that are safe for sensitive skin
– Expert personal consultations
– Complimentary samples with every visit


I love joining contest and every contest I joined, I always wish to win. This time my wish came true! Yey!! I joined Loving Sunshine’s‘s 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway (Week 1) in partnership with HBC. Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway is a series of giveaway that will run for EIGHT WEEKS and TWO WINNERS EACH week. 16 HAPPY HEARTS BY XMAS 2011.

I won Kumiko Mae’s Happy Beautiful Christmas week 1 contest. I was given the option to choose in which branch do I prefer to claim my prize. I chose to claimed my prize in HBC Cash and Carry Branch.

The prizes I won are Hortaleza Professional Henna Wax Hair Treatment and Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil.

Hortaleza Professional Hair Cuticle Coat and HP Hair Smooth Out Style Cream

Thanks to HBC and Kumiko Mae for the Christmas present 🙂 Love it!!

You may check HBC website to know more about them. You may also visit Loving Sunshine’s to join the remaining weeks’ contest!

Please don’t forget to join my giveaway.

Hair Rebond

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Hair Care

I just had my hair re-bonded. This is my 2nd time to have my hair re-bonded. I really have no idea what is being done to my hair and why a lot of things are being applied to my hair.

I ask the hair stylist what the chemicals applied do to my hair and here is what she said.

First, apply a chemical that kills you hair. It opens up the pores of your hair so that it would follow the way you want it to be. Wait for 45 minutes before washing your hair

Second, iron your hair so that it would straighten up.

Third, apply a chemical that would close the pores of your hair and wait for 15 mins before washing it.

Cellophane is next to be applied so that your hair would look shiny. You may opt to choose the color. Again you will wait for another 15 mins before you wash your hair.

Then, apply keratin so that your hair would be soften. Wait for 15 minutes before washing your hair.

And last power dose to avoid breakage of your hair.