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Just to share a quick background, I enrolled at the Universal Driving School and paid their fee of PHP 1,400 to assist me in my application of a non-pro driver’s license.

What I will be sharing here is my experienced with the Universal Driving School when I applied for my Non-Pro Driver’s License. So if  you are enrolled or planning to enroll at the Universal Driving School, this may serve as your guide and reference.

drivers license

Here’s MY experience:

1. A 4-pages reviewer for the written exam costs PHP 20. My advice is don’t buy it. Just click this link or search the web for online reviewers.

2. Driver’s license application assistance is every Wednesdays only. Set a date and inform the registrar when you plan to have your driver’s license application.  Pay PHP 1,400 for the assistance fee and driver’s license application fee.

3. On the day of the application, all applicants from the different branches of the driving school will be asked to go to the Universal Driving School – J.P. Rizal branch at 6:00 AM.


Meet Up Location – Universal Driving School J.P. Rizal Branch

Opposite the Universal Driving School – J.P. Rizal branch is the Makati Municipal Building.


Makati Municipal Building


I am a license Electronics Engineer and since my birthday is near, it means that my license will be expiring soon. Last week, I already renewed my license because I don’t want to pay for extra fees for renewing an expired license.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to renew PRC ECE license: