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I decided to get my NBI clearance a day after Christmas having a thought that a lot of people were on vacation. I went to Robinsons Place Ermita at 9am and arrived there 30 mins later.

I first went to Sta Monica entrance. The guard at the entrance asked me where I’m heading to, then I said that I will get my NBI clearance. He told me to get a number first from another guard outside the mall. He won’t let anybody in, since it is not yet 10 AM, which is the start of mall hours.

I asked for a number from the guard outside.

He gave me a piece of paper with a number on it. I was lucky number 72. I was right when I thought that people were still on vacation a day after Christmas and that there were only few people who would get their NBI clearance today. Normally, when you arrived 9:30, the number you would get will be around 200+ already.

Since the mall is not yet open, a lot of people were waiting to get in.

I decided to look for an alternate entrance where there were fewer people. I walked towards Salas entrance and saw that there were fewer people waiting.

Finally, when the mall opened, I headed towards the Sun Cellular Shop because the entrance to the NBI clearance was beside that store.

Upon arriving at the venue, the guard on duty would get your number in exchange for the application form. Then, you would be asked to sit down at the end of the queue line and fill up the form. The chronology of number wouldn’t matter. What mattered was the first person to come to the venue would be serve first. The number just served as an exchange for the application form.

After a while, applicants were asked to enter. Someone would check if the applicants filled up the form correctly. For the married woman, surname should be the surname of her father and middle name should be the surname of her mother when single.

First step was to pay at the cashier P115.00.

Second step would be encoding of data to the system.

Third step would be biometrics and picture taking. Last would be the releasing process. If you were “HIT”, you would be asked to come back to get your NBI clearance. The date on when you could get your NBI clearance was at the back of the receipt. If you were “MISSED”, you would get your NBI clearance right on the spot after printing.

Unfortunately, I’m “HIT” so I was asked to return a week after.

All steps were done for only 5 minutes. The processing time was fast but the waiting time is long. In summary, I arrived at Robinsons Ermita at 9:30 and got my number. I entered the mall 10:00, then filled up the form and followed the process. 10:30, I’m all done.

I need to return a week later to get my NBI clearance.

Btw, I saw this tarp upon leaving the venue. NBI clearance at Robinson’s Otis is now open.

Getting an NBI clearance during Christmas break was really fast since a lot of people are on vacation. 🙂

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