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Event Guidelines

1.        The Big Summer Outlet Sale 2013 is from April 26, 27 & 28, 2013 from 10AM to 9PM at SMX Convention Center.

2.        This event is open to all existing cardholders of BPI Express Credit Classic,  BPI Express Credit MasterCard (Edge and Mini-Edge MasterCard, Blue MasterCard, Gold MasterCard, Petron-BPI MasterCard, BPI WorldPerks MasterCard, BPI Skymiles MasterCard and BPI Skymiles Platinum MasterCard), BPI Corporate Cards, BPI Express Payment System, and BPI Prepaid Cards.

3.        FREE entrance for:
        a)        ALL cardholders of  BPI Express Credit Classic,  BPI Express Credit MasterCard, BPI Corporate Cards, BPI Express Payment System, and BPI Prepaid Cards and children ages 12 yrs. old and below. Cardholders must show their BPI card and valid ID at the entrance.
        b)        ALL customers who apply for a BPI Express Credit Edge MasterCard at the entrance of the venue (customer must completely accomplish application form and submit ID to be photocopied by Direct Sales agents).

4.        Fee of P50 will be paid at the entrance if the customer has no BPI Card or is not interested to apply for a BPI Edge MasterCard.

5.        BPI Edge/ Mini-Edge MasterCard cardholders will enjoy the following exclusive perks and privileges when they use their card to purchase at participating merchants at the event proper:
        a)        Enjoy ADDITIONAL 5% discount on selected merchants 
        b)        Get a chance to win in the hourly raffle draws:
                ·        Earn 1 raffle entry for a minimum single-receipt purchase of P1,000
                ·        Upon purchase, claim the raffle stub at the BPI Lounge area by presenting the card, valid ID and charge slip
                ·        Completely fill out the raffle stub and drop at the designated drop box
                ·        All winners will no longer be eligible in the succeeding raffle draws

6.        The promo is not valid in conjunction with any other ongoing promo unless otherwise indicated.

7.        Special Installment Plan is also available for a minimum amount of P3,000 at selected retailers/merchants and on selected items.

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Mega Shoes & Bags Sale

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Sale, SM, SMX

Mega Shoes & Bags Sale

Hall 1, SMX Convention Center

December 6-9, 10AM – 10PM

Shoes and Bags Mega Sale

Exclusive to SM Advantage Members: Get 10x Your Points on ALL ITEMS during the First Two Hours on December 6 – 10am to 12noon

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If you have been reading my blog, you know that I love freebies, discounts and sale. Also, I love shopping. There will be a Superb Bazaar by SuperSale this coming May 23- 27, 2012 at SMX Convention Center. Each ticket cost P100. But wait, you can get it for free. I want to share this information to you that Deal dozen is giving away 1000 free tickets to Superb Bazaar by SuperSale. Just sign-up (if you haven’t), log in and click buy.

See you there!

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It’s Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) once again on May 22 – 27, 2012. Here’s the schedule for the PFW.


Do you love shopping? Do you want to go to SMX and check out what are the items there but you are busy? See a snapshot of what is in SMX so that you can decide whether to go or not. Warning: Heavy Picture!



Uncle Sam’s Flying Circus

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Circus, contest won, Event, SMX

I won 2 free tickets to Uncls Sam’s Flying Circus from a giveaway I joined.

I chose to watch the show last December 28, at 7:00pm. I got the complimentary ticket at the venue.

The show was held at SMX Hall 1 & 2. The stage at different angles:

The black colored chairs were for bronze ticket holders, the white colored chairs were for silver, the red chairs were for gold, the blue chairs were for platinum and the black chairs were for VIP. There were steel railings between bronze and silver, another one between silver and gold. Only one entrance for VIP, Platinum and Gold ticket holders.

Souvenir shop was also available inside the hall.

The chairs have tags to identify where you will be seated. I was seated at Gold C – 34.

There were also food being sold inside the hall. Although in the ticket it was indicated that the show would start at 7pm, but actually the show started 7:25pm. We were given time to buy our food first.

The show started with a song number from Britney Spears impersonator. However, I was still at the queue line buying food so I wasn’t able to take pictures.

But here are the rest of the performance

They also have some audience participation.

After 1 hour, we had our break time to stretched our legs and go to the restroom. The events organizer put a stamp on my hand when I left the hall.

20 minutes later, the program resumed.

We were seated at the right side and our view was not good. Get a seat in the middle.

Overall, the show was really great! We really enjoyed the world-class Circus performance! For those who haven’t watched the show, Uncle Sam’s Flying Circus will be here until Jan 1. Shows stars at 4 p.m. and with evening shows at 7 p.m. on Dec. 30. There’s no performance on the 31st but on Jan. 1, there are 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. performances.

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Toy Kingdom Clearance Sale

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Event, SMX, toys

If you haven’t finished your Christmas Shopping for the kids and kids at heart, here’s your chance to buy your gifts to them.

Toy Kingdom Clearance Sale will be until January 1 at SMX Hall 4 from 10 am to 11pm.

BPI Big Holiday Outlet Sale

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Christmas, Sale, SMX

Yesterday, I went to SMX to check the Sale in SMX. The entrance fee is P50 for non BPI card holders but you may apply for BPI Edge MasterCard on the venue to avail a free entrance. I got a free entrance since I’m a BPI card holder.

Unlike the previous SMX sale, this time the crowd was not the many. Whenever you bought an item, you will pay directly to the merchant.

I will share in pictures what to see in the SMX.

If you are not yet done with your Christmas shopping, hurry and go there ’cause today is the last day of the BIG Holiday Outlet Sale until 9PM.