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Our hotel booking comes with free buffet breakfast. Their buffet breakfast is being served on the 9th floor of the hotel.

Elevator Buttons - Asia Can Tho  Hotel Information

 We had our breakfast at 7:00AM because our tour will start at 8:00AM. When we reached the restaurant, the room is almost full. This is because most of the people checked in the hotel are also tourists, they will leave the hotel early to have more time to explore the area. I first ate my breakfast before taking pictures and by the time that I’m done eating, a lot of people have left already.

View upon exiting of the elevator

At the end of the buffet table

At the other end of the buffet table facing the elevator


After our tour, we checked in at Asia Can Tho Hotel past 7:00pm already. We just left our things and went out to have our dinner. We didn’t stay long in this hotel. We just slept and checked out at 8:00am for our tour for the next day.



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