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Money Changer. Your first concern when you land in Vietnam is where you would exchange your money to their local currency. We had our USD exchanged to VND at the airport. The rates at the airport is lower. So exchange a little, just enough for your first day.


Vietnam Dong

Then, if you still lack VND, I recommend you to have your money exchange at EXIMBANK – 135 Bong Khoi Q1 TP Ho Chi Minh City, they offer good exchange rate.


Money Changer – 135 Bong Khoi Q1 TP Ho Chi Minh City

Whenever travelling to Vietnam, people would often buy North Face backpacks because it is cheaper there and of course souvenirs as remembrance of their trip.

North Face Bags. The first thing you should know is how to spot whether it is authentic or not. Check for the presence of the whistle and the hologram inside the bag.

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Here’s to give you an idea how much more or less you should spend when buying stuffs. The prices displayed here are the amount we paid when purchasing the products. If you can bargain for a lower price the better. 🙂 We bought the bags at Saigon Square. 


The tour guide brought us here at Thu Thao Restaurant to eat our lunch. I think the reason he brought us here is because it is already past noon and this is the nearest “clean” restaurant from the temple.






Early morning after having breakfast, our first stop for the day is Cu Chi Tunnel.



The residents of Cu Chi then took their war underground, literally, developing a network of tunnels that, at its height, stretched as far as Cambodia and included meeting rooms, kitchens, and triage areas.

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