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While in Brisbane, I live at Oaks Lexicon Apartments. I rode a taxi from airport going here and the fare was around $50. Let me give you a tour to my apartment. For security reasons, the front doors to the lobby entrance are locked between 10pm and 6am daily. Building access, the black circular shaped attached to the keys, are required to enter during those hours.


Luckily, I arrived 11 in the morning. I paid first for the rent and the receptionist handed me the keys to my apartment. Payments can be made by cash, credit card or EFTPOS. All credit card payments will incur a service fee of 1.5%. If guests arrived between 10pm and 6am, special check in arrangement is made.


The key with an orange mark (picture above) is the key to my apartment while the other one is the key for the gym. Not all guests have the key for the gym. The receptionist asked me if I will use the gym facilities and I said yes that why he gave me a key.Two sets of keys for the apartment are available but I chose to keep only one so that in case I got lock out, I can ask for the duplicate from them. Lost keys will have a fee of $300 per set. The same black circular shaped attached to the keys will be used to access your floor at the lift.




I went to Baguio to celebrate my birthday last month with my parents. This wasn’t my first visit to Baguio, but this is my first time I’m blogging about it. I’m not sure when was the last time I’ve been here before this trip. I think it was during our college field trip that was a couple of years ago. Our first stop was at the giant lion’s head. I just took pictures of it then we move on with our journey. Haha.

The Lion

Because our car was coding that day, we stopped by the police station to ask where are the areas that has number coding in effect so that we can avoid it. While my dad was conversing with the police, I saw this tarpaulin that caught my attention: “Simple Things the Baguio City Police Shall Do for the City” and “Simple Things I Can Do to Help the BCPO”. Cool isn’t it!

Baguio Police

Actually, we don’t have itinerary prepared. Since there is no number coding at Mine’s View Park, we decided to have our lunch here and then explore the area. I’ll do a separate blog where we ate our lunch in my next entry.

Mine’s View Park is a popular tourist attraction that should never be missed when visiting Baguio. It has a beautiful scenery that tourists can enjoy.


Before heading to Potipot Island, I searched for a place where my friends and I can stay because I don’t have a plan to sleep at Potipot Island. I didn’t make any reservation prior and was hoping that there would still be a vacant room at any of the resorts near Potipot Island. I tried my chance at Dawal Beach Resort, Harvest Beach Resort, Sun Bloom Resort and Isla Vista but they were all fully booked.

Resort Near Potipot Island

Luckily, Villa Valerio still has vacant room that can accommodate me and my friends in a single room.

Villa Valerio Zambales Gate


The Reception


Potipot Island is located roughly about 1 km away from the mainland shore of Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales. If you are on tight budget, it is still best that you plan your trip on your own and avoid getting packages.

Potipot Island Zambales


How did we get there?

First, I asked Victory Liner if they have trips from Pasay (since I live near Victory Liner Pasay Terminal)  to Zambales. Some schedules are not listed on their website so it is better to ask them personally via call or twitter. And Yes! They are active in twitter and they responded to all my queries. 😀

Schedule from Pasay to Iba Zambales

After getting confirmation from them, on the day of our trip, we went to the terminal an hour earlier before the 1st trip leaves, to buy our ticket. To avoid queuing in long lines, you may reserve your tickets online in their website.


Ticket fare from Pasay to Iba Zambales costs Php357 per head.
Victory Liner Ticket Fare from Pasay to Iba Zambales