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For the past few months, I wasn’t able to post an entry here in my blog due to being busy with work and personal stuffs.

Just to give my readers an update, last December 27, 2014, I got engaged to my best friend. It was a long day for us that day and I didn’t expect for it to happen. I won’t go much into details but for the summary, here it goes:

Around 8 in the morning that day, we dropped off my mom in QC and had our breakfast at a nearby fast food restaurant. After breakfast, we headed to SM MOA to watch an MMFF movie. We then visited his relatives in Cavite in the afternoon and stayed there for an hour. Around 4pm, we headed back to Manila. On the way to Manila, I got an intuition that something will happen that night but I don’t know how and I don’t know what time. By the time we reached Alabang, it was already late dinner time. We had our dinner at The Nest, 31st floor of Vivere Hotel & Resorts. After dinner, he proposed to me and i said YES! 🙂 No words can explain what I felt that night. I couldn’t wait to tell my family that we’re engaged but when I reached home, they were already sleeping. I immediately updated my status on Facebook and that’s where my family knew the news. 🙂