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Uncle Sam’s Flying Circus

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Circus, contest won, Event, SMX

I won 2 free tickets to Uncls Sam’s Flying Circus from a giveaway I joined.

I chose to watch the show last December 28, at 7:00pm. I got the complimentary ticket at the venue.

The show was held at SMX Hall 1 & 2. The stage at different angles:

The black colored chairs were for bronze ticket holders, the white colored chairs were for silver, the red chairs were for gold, the blue chairs were for platinum and the black chairs were for VIP. There were steel railings between bronze and silver, another one between silver and gold. Only one entrance for VIP, Platinum and Gold ticket holders.

Souvenir shop was also available inside the hall.

The chairs have tags to identify where you will be seated. I was seated at Gold C – 34.

There were also food being sold inside the hall. Although in the ticket it was indicated that the show would start at 7pm, but actually the show started 7:25pm. We were given time to buy our food first.

The show started with a song number from Britney Spears impersonator. However, I was still at the queue line buying food so I wasn’t able to take pictures.

But here are the rest of the performance

They also have some audience participation.

After 1 hour, we had our break time to stretched our legs and go to the restroom. The events organizer put a stamp on my hand when I left the hall.

20 minutes later, the program resumed.

We were seated at the right side and our view was not good. Get a seat in the middle.

Overall, the show was really great! We really enjoyed the world-class Circus performance! For those who haven’t watched the show, Uncle Sam’s Flying Circus will be here until Jan 1. Shows stars at 4 p.m. and with evening shows at 7 p.m. on Dec. 30. There’s no performance on the 31st but on Jan. 1, there are 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. performances.

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