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The Belle de Jour (BDJ) PASSION SERIES: THE GREAT STRIP-OFF! A Passion Series exclusive for BDJ Girls 18 and above only, brought to you by: Strip and Browhaus was held yesterday at Greenbelt 5 Gallery. It was an intimate event attended by 25 BDJ girls only.


I’m so lucky to be part of the make up workshop by Miss Lowe for free!!! This is because I am one of the lucky winners of Hazel’s blog contest. Yes, another contest I won 🙂


Browhaus Manila Experience

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Event, Eyebrow, Fashion

In the past, I really don’t mind having a “messed-up-eyebrows-look”. But recently, I don’t know why I just felt the need that I should have it defined. Maybe because I have been seeing a lot of good blog reviews about Browhaus and that gave me an idea to give it a try.

Browhaus has 2 branches – Greenbelt 5 and Serendra. Since Greenbelt 5 is much nearer to my home, I decided to have my service done there. It was not easy to locate the store. Upon entering greenbelt 5 (near landmark entrance), I noticed in the directory there is no Browhaus in the list. I have to ask the guard to know where exactly it is. The guard told me to pass 2 escalators and go up on the third escalator that I will see, then go up to the fourth floor. On the fourth floor, I now see the store in the list of the directory.