Tao Yuan Restaurant Review

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Food

An officemate of mine invited me and my other colleague to have dinner at Malate, Tao Yuan’s Restaurant. He said that their Hainanese Chicken is the talk of town and it taste like the Singapore’s Hainanese Chicken. So the 3 of us have dinner their.

Since we arrived there around 9PM already, there’s not much people already. Their place is nice and spacious. The ambiance is cool and their CR is also air-conditioned! 🙂 Don’t forget to bring your jacket because their place is really cold.

We ordered 1/2 Hainanese Chicken since there’s only 3 of us and ordering a whole chicken would be too much and another dish, Fish Ball Curry. Their rice is a bit pricey because 1 rice cost 50 pesos.

I love the Hainanese Chicken. It is really the best Hainanese Chicken because its tender and tasty. The Hainanese chicken is served with the following sauces – soy sauce, chili sauce & ginger sauce. Even without the sauce, the chicken is delicious already but you may try adding the sauce for it to be more delicious. If ever I will have a chance to go back, I would love to order their Chicken again.

I also like their Fish Ball Curry. The hotness is just mild. You can eat the soup alone or add it to your rice.

They also serve free dessert everyday. Different dessert per day. For Fridays, they serve Almond Jelly.

Although it’s a bit far from us, the trip is all worth it. This experience is definitely a two thumbs up! The food is delicious, the service is fast and the ambiance is good. If I have the chance to go back, I will if my schedule permits!

Tao Yuan Restaurant

508-512 General Malvar St. cor. A Mabini St., Malate, Manila
(02) 522-7009 to 10

(+632) 659-3321 and (+632) 846-9998


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